Saturday, April 26, 2014


Paul Weston, the leader of the wonderful, aggressive culturist, Liberty GB political party, has been arrested.  The crime?  Reading Winston Churchill quotes concerning Islam.

Please spread the word about this atrocity!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

“The Guardian” Spews Multicultural Slander Internationally

The Guardian’s April 14th, 2014 article, “NarendraModi: Britain can't simply shrug off this Hindu extremist: The UK will alsosuffer if India elects this far-right activist. We must sever our links withhim,” is a hit piece.  Narenda Modi is a Hindu Nationalist.  But that does not make him evil.  We who defend the West should pray for his victory in India’s upcoming Prime Minister election.

Narendra Modi is pro-Hindu and he understands the dangers of Islam.  Does that make him a racist?  Hitler?  No.  It makes him a rational culturist.   If elected he will not put Muslims in gas chambers.  He will, however, guard India’s borders against relentless Islamic immigration designed to re-subjugate India to Islam.  He will enact policies that affirm India’s Hindu identity.

India is run by the multicultural party “Congress.” As part of their multiculturalism, they create special electoral and employment set-asides for minorities (mostly Muslims).  They fund mosques, but not Hindu temples.  And, whenever you mention that Islam is dangerous, they call you “racist” and “communal,” (note that Muslims are not racist or communal if they promote their culture - sound familiar?).  Congress’ relentless multiculturalist policies created the need for Mod’s culturist BJP party.

The Guardian’s hit piece blames Modi for the 2002 Gujarat “pogroms” (actually riots).  Gujarat is a state in India.  These riots started when Muslims chased Hindu Nationalists onto a train and set it on fire killing 58 people.  In the ensuing riots, 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed (wikipedia).   Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at the time and set a curfew the day after the train conflagration.  An official inquest cleared Modi of charges that he aided in the violence.

Here is the deal – Muslims are supposed to be able to set fire to a train full of Hindu Nationalists and nothing is supposed to happen.  Congress blames Modi and the Hindu Nationalists for responding.  No blame goes to the Muslim arsonists who started it. Disgusting.  But, to read the Guardian hit piece, you’d think Modi led the attack; that he set fire to Hindu Nationalists in the train! This sort of evil, pandering “journalism” is just as common in India as it is in Britain – and just as dangerous.

In fact, Modi is Gujarat’s longest serving Chief Minister ever.  He won three elections after the 2002 riots.  He won because he created great economic growth within the state.  Modi is running on the promise of clearing out corruption and bring growth to India’s economy writ large.  He has done vast outreach to Muslims.  They have voted for him in large numbers in all his elections.   I am not saying his outreach to Muslims is good.  But, the Guardian’s multicultural hit piece is hysterical, dishonest, and intolerant. 

Modi came up through the ranks of the world’s largest culturist organization, the RSS.  This is a Hindu Nationalist educational group, with millions of disciplined members dedicated to the culturist proposition that India is a Hindu nation.  The multiculturalists will not forgive him for that.  Predictably, the Guardian, using a line in a 1938 book, uses his membership in the pro-Hindu group to tie him to Hitler! But, his BJP party is one of the top two parties in India.  He needs Muslim votes.  Modi will fund Hindu temples; but, he will not lead pogroms – he is a politician. 

That said, Modi and his supporters well understand the dangers of Islam. Anti-Jihadists would do well to understand the potential of Hindu Nationalists as allies.  Remember India was conquered, ruled and tyrannized by Muslims for hundreds of years until the British liberated it.  Remember that Islamic terrorism against Hindus is constant in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and it is frequent in India.  Hindus understanding the threat of Islam is why Modi’s BJP party is one of the two largest in India.

Don’t believe the inappropriately named ‘Guardian’ slander. We culturists should all welcome Modi’s election as Prime Minister of India.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Culturist Language Policy - Part 1

This is part 1 of 5.  Korea must reject multiculturalism and embrace culturism if it is to survive.