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Culturist Policy Article # 4 – Repatriation

Culturism (cǔl-chər-ǐz-əm) n. The philosophy, art, and science that values, promotes and protects majority cultures.

Culturist (cǔl-chər-ǐst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism. 2. One who engages in the arts or sciences of managing and protecting majority cultures. 3. Adj. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy.

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There are three approaches to repatriation: racist; ‘absolute culturist,’ and ‘pragmatic culturist.’  This article will completely reject the racist model; explain the problems with the absolute culturist model and promote the pragmatic culturist model.

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Racist repatriation policy:
Racist policy gets mentioned only to highlight its stupidity and vast difference from both forms of culturist repatriation. 

Racists repatriation would remove all non-white people from Western areas.  Such a policy would never be approved via election. And, in a multiethnic nation like the United States, especially given the fact that much of our military and police force are not white, attempts to implement this policy would lead to society collapsing into violence. 

Absolute culturist repatriation policy:
Absolute culturists want the immediate repatriation of all Muslims back to their country of origin.  Note how much subtler this is than racist repatriation.  It does not cast Hindus, Asians, and all Africans into the same net.  It makes subtle distinctions based on history and belief systems: it is culturist, not racist.

The culturist profiling of Muslims is advocated on the basis the belief that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with and even hostile to, western civilization.  From a culturist perspective, this makes sense. However, it suffers from the same potential for civil unrest that the racist position does. 

Furthermore, and importantly, the rule of law is central to the West.  If we violate the rights of citizens, we set a precedent and take actions that intrinsically erode our sense of due process. 

Thus the absolute culturist policy, it seems to me, a road to civil disorder and, on a more philosophical level, immediately undermines the West’s view of itself by violating our laws and due process.

Pragmatic Culturist repatriation policy:
The pragmatic culturist policy relies on several measures aimed at stopping the Islamification of the West, while preserving the rule of law.

First of all, in terms of immigration, both absolute and pragmatic culturists would immediately stop all Islamic immigration to the West.  And, to the extent legally possible, both would deny all pending residence permissions.  Neither of these measures compromises our system of law or rights.  Our Constitution protects our citizens.  If you are a foreigner, we have not compromised any rights to which you were entitled. 

This next measure is tailored to the United States, but pragmatic culturist would hope that a legal version pertains in your western nation. In our naturalization proceedings, the potential new citizen swears, “that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Furthermore, they “absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty.”

Sharia law violates our Constitution.  Having supported ISIS or Al Queda means you backed a foreign state. In other words, persons who have backed these terror groups perjured themselves during their naturalization process. As such, such a person is liable for prosecution. However, in the name of efficiency, simply rendering their naturalization null and void and repatriating them will do. 

Furthermore, if you donated to or actively participated in a mosque that is knowingly pro-Sharia and hostile to the West, your citizenship should be revoked.  If you engaged in any un-western practices such as polygamy, female genital mutilation, attending a Sharia court or defying our government proceedings in the name of Islam (for example, not removing your hijab for identification or demanding our schools are halal) repatriation proceedings must proceed immediately. 

Such a policy would allow us to target Muslims who have no intention of assimilating.  And, unlike the absolute culturist position, this policy recognizes the fact that many Muslims are passive in regards to their religion: they drink, smoke and watch football matches on Friday night. To the extent that these folks do not engage in hostile foreign activities, their rights should be protected. People whose rights are protected will not necessarily become antagonistic to their adopted nation. 

To help ‘secular Muslims’ support the West, as detailed in the culturist assimilation policy article, such secular Muslims would be exposed to our common assimilative pressures such as culturist public schools and events. And, ending the foreign funding of mosques on western soil would undercut our enemy’s culturist efforts to radicalize young Muslims. And, as above, fear of repatriation would keep first generation Muslim immigrants from outwardly advocating western culture be replaced.

One might ask, “If pragmatic culturists believe Muslims can be assimilated, why completely stop Islamic immigration?” First of all, large insular communities retard assimilation.  Small amounts of Muslims, neither replenished nor funded by foreign powers, will disperse. Secondly, we can never discount the possibility that the children of moderate Muslims will be radicalized.  We have a right to put the safety of our western citizens in front of the desires of any foreign population to move west.

With these pragmatic culturist repatriation policies, we can regain cultural control of our nations without compromising our sense of legal due process or fomenting civil unrest.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Culturist Policy Article # 3 - Assimilation

Culturism (cǔl-chər-ǐz-əm) n. The philosophy, art, and science that values, promotes and protects majority cultures.

Culturist (cǔl-chər-ǐst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism. 2. One who engages in the arts or sciences of managing and protecting majority cultures. 3. Adj. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy.

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Culturist assimilation policy in a nutshell:
Whereas multiculturalism emphasizes diversity, and drives us apart, culturism emphasizes our unity.  Multiculturalism says the West has no core cultures into which to assimilate and calls all who promote assimilation ‘racist.’ Culturism affirms that western nations have wonderful core traditional cultures into which to assimilate. 

Immigration limitations:
Latin American and Islamic immigration to the West must stop now. For both groups, this forces a choice: here or there?  Additionally, if foreign peoples are the majority in an area, they will not assimilate to the wider country.  We must not grow already large immigrant communities.  

Possible repatriation:
A later article will detail repatriation policy.  Suffice it here to say that, in America, displays of ‘fealty to foreign potentates’ provide evidence that you perjured yourself during your naturalization proceedings: your adopted citizenship contract is thus null and void.

Criminalize Sharia law in the West:
Culturism affirms that the West has a core culture.  Sharia is not western.  Refusing to show your face during government proceedings and advocating public schools become halal, shows fealty to non-western ideals.  As such, (where legally possible), those advocating sharia law should have their citizenship revoked.

No dual citizenship:
Rather than convenience for individuals, ending dual citizenship is designed to create unity behind our Western nations and values.  It forces a choice of loyalties.

Western schools must teach that the West and western nations are the best.  Multiculturalism says all cultures are equally wonderful; this undermines schools’ ability to inculcate pride in western values and achievements.  We need culturist education.

Western festivals:
Local governments should celebrate western history and holidays.  While not requiring attendance, these celebrations provide an opportunity for new citizens to show public enthusiasm for their adopted nations. 

Conversely, our local and national governments and schools should not fund celebrations of other nations or their cultures.  Multiculturalists believe that Ramadan is just as western as Christmas.  Culturists disagree.  Our governments must not promote foreign cultures.

Flags and anthems and flags and anthems:
Fly a flag in front of your house, in banks and government offices.  Let’s have the anthem before films. Stand when it plays.  Let’s play our national anthems on television and radio.  Those who don’t want to stand should feel uncomfortable.

Monolingual government:
Government transactions must only take happen in the traditional majority language of your nation.  Language is a primary source of unity.  Not providing services in foreign languages forces new citizens to learn the national language: This is an essential part of being a citizen.

Furthermore, conducting government work in foreign languages creates enclaves where only foreigners may be hired.  This creates foreign dominated communities, which leads to enclaves where only foreigners can be elected.  In democracies, such enclaves make passing immigration laws difficult, which undermines national sovereignty. 

Limited travel to foreign nations:
Returning to ‘your country’ should be made difficult.  This goal will work in tandem with ending dual-citizenship to force new citizens to decide if they really want to adopt the receiving western nation as their new homeland. 

Immigrants must know that family reunification can happen by your returning to your country of origin; citizenship does not mean your family can come into ours.  And, adopting a new homeland necessarily entails familial and cultural rupture: forewarned, the immigrant has the burden of choice.

No foreign mosque funding:
In America, existing law allows us to trace and stop foreign enemy funds from entering our nation during wartime. Investment is welcome. But, foreign mosque building is not investment; it is culturist aggression. Foreign-funded mega-mosques discourage assimilation into western Christian culture and must be stopped.

Rights advocates must know that this policy does not prohibit local citizens from building mosques and engaging in their chosen religion.  Also note, that China, Iran, and other nations also have culturist laws.  Our Constitution is not a suicide pact; we can legally define and protect our traditional majority culture.  Our constitutions are ours; they do not provide foreign nations rights in our nations.

No remittances:
Those in the U.S. annually send more money in remittances to other nations than the combined debt of several of our major states.  Doing this while our nation is in debt shows poor citizenship.  If you are here to ‘send money back to your country,’ you need to return to your country. 

Reinstate real citizenship oaths:
Finally, citizenship is a matter of the heart, not paperwork.  If you refuse to consider advocating laws that prioritize your new nation’s safety over your convenience and your group’s self-interest, you are not a citizen in the truest sense of the word.

Therefore, we must affirm the importance and legal standing of loyalty oaths for those seeking to become new citizens.  We must prosecute and expel those who perjured themselves during their naturalization process.

Citizenship means supporting the nation’s traditional majority culture.  People of varied backgrounds can celebrate the greatness of the West and western nations.  Good citizens must enjoy freedoms and not be harassed.  And, in turn they should integrate into the nation. 

But this will only happen if we replace multicultural philosophy and policies with the culturist philosophy and the culturist assimilation policies enumerated herein.


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Culturist Fact: Birmingham is not British!

People ask, “John, isn’t culturism just another vague ‘ism.’”  No.  Culturism is not metaphysical.  Cultures exist in heads and on land. This is measurable. That is why it is a culturist fact that much of Birmingham is no longer British.

Do a thought experiment with me: If all of the “British people” were killed (God-forbid) and the land we call Britain were entirely re-populated with Muslims (as in the attached video), would British culture still exist?  Would it linger in some eternal metaphysical realm?  NO!  It would be gone.

Cultures live in heads. And, these heads need land upon which to exist.  These are real items in real space.  When an area is Pakistani, it is no longer ‘also British’ in some metaphysical way. The area is Pakistani.

As of 2011, 13.48% of Birmingham was Pakistani. At the same time, white folks of British heritage, were 53.1% of Birmingham in 2011.  And, Indians were 6.02%.[i]  The Indians may identify with Britain.  Hindus have a long history with Britain. But their temples are non-British spaces. Details aside, the fact remains, much of Birmingham no longer primarily identifies with Britain, its history, traditions, songs, etc.

Now multiculturalists will tell you that everything is British: the Muslims marching in the attached video are just as British as Prince Charles and Monty Python. Shiva is a British God too. Everything is British and nothing is British.  As a culturist, I disagree.  British culture does exist.  Those in the shared video are not British.

From a culturist perspective, the attached video shows, large parts of Birmingham are no longer British, under British control, or a part of the British Isles. 

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“Reclaim Australia” culturists rally across Australia!

April 4th “Reclaim Australia” rallies were held in 16 different Australian cities.  The rallies specifically focused on the creeping Islamification of their great western nation.  The rally in Melbourne had over 3,000 in attendance!  There and in other locations, violent “#No Room for Racism” thugs attacked them.  But, make no mistake, Australia is fighting back!

One of the speakers at the Brisbane rally said, “Our policy should be Culturism, not Multiculturalism!”  This is a culturist movement.  The last words of the first paragraph of the Reclaim Australia website ( says they wish to retain their ‘Australian cultural identity.”  They say they stand for “pride in the Australian flag and Anthem at all levels of schooling,” . . . “Christmas, Easter, Australia Day,” and beliefs “Australians have grown up with.”

Who would deny that Australia has cultural identity to protect?  Multiculturalists! Who is Reclaim Australia reclaiming Australia from? Multiculturalists.

Of course, multiculturalists showed up with preprinted signs saying “#No Room For Racism.”  They pull out the “R-word” whenever someone says they love their western culture or that cultural diversity includes negative aspects. Reclaim Australia’s website denounces racists. That’s good.  But, more of them must also say they are for culturism.  This will give them room to speak; to go on the offense.

And, they have plenty of culturist causes to go on the offense over.  Reclaim Australia’s site says they are standing up against female genital mutilation, halal, polygamy, Islam in the classroom, and burqas. Do the “#No Room for Racism” people really want to defend polygamy, burqas and female genital mutilation?  No?  Then they are culturist too!  This attack beats just denying you’re racist.

Anti-Jihadists take heart!  Australia has woken up!  You are not alone!  The well-dressed Reclaim Australia crowds were physically assaulted by multiculturalist thugs, but they stood proud for the West and will do so again.  We all owe these brave Australian culturists our appreciation.  Network with them.  Share their facebook pages. Spread the word!  GO TEAM!!