Sunday, April 5, 2015

“Reclaim Australia” culturists rally across Australia!

April 4th “Reclaim Australia” rallies were held in 16 different Australian cities.  The rallies specifically focused on the creeping Islamification of their great western nation.  The rally in Melbourne had over 3,000 in attendance!  There and in other locations, violent “#No Room for Racism” thugs attacked them.  But, make no mistake, Australia is fighting back!

One of the speakers at the Brisbane rally said, “Our policy should be Culturism, not Multiculturalism!”  This is a culturist movement.  The last words of the first paragraph of the Reclaim Australia website ( says they wish to retain their ‘Australian cultural identity.”  They say they stand for “pride in the Australian flag and Anthem at all levels of schooling,” . . . “Christmas, Easter, Australia Day,” and beliefs “Australians have grown up with.”

Who would deny that Australia has cultural identity to protect?  Multiculturalists! Who is Reclaim Australia reclaiming Australia from? Multiculturalists.

Of course, multiculturalists showed up with preprinted signs saying “#No Room For Racism.”  They pull out the “R-word” whenever someone says they love their western culture or that cultural diversity includes negative aspects. Reclaim Australia’s website denounces racists. That’s good.  But, more of them must also say they are for culturism.  This will give them room to speak; to go on the offense.

And, they have plenty of culturist causes to go on the offense over.  Reclaim Australia’s site says they are standing up against female genital mutilation, halal, polygamy, Islam in the classroom, and burqas. Do the “#No Room for Racism” people really want to defend polygamy, burqas and female genital mutilation?  No?  Then they are culturist too!  This attack beats just denying you’re racist.

Anti-Jihadists take heart!  Australia has woken up!  You are not alone!  The well-dressed Reclaim Australia crowds were physically assaulted by multiculturalist thugs, but they stood proud for the West and will do so again.  We all owe these brave Australian culturists our appreciation.  Network with them.  Share their facebook pages. Spread the word!  GO TEAM!!

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