Friday, August 27, 2010

Michael Bloomberg’s Deadly Multiculturalism and Culturism

Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York who backs the Ground Zero mosque, is a perfect multiculturalist.  As such he sees blindness to cultural diversity as a virtue.  And so, to prove himself meritorious, he jettisoned all discretion and hosted an Islamic holiday celebration with the mosque's backers.  This is extremely dangerous.  We need culturist politicians who take diversity seriously.

In their blanket attempts to get us to “celebrate diversity” multiculturalists refuse to acknowledge that cultures can have bad sides.  This position commits them to being blind to the possibility of conflict between cultures.  In a very Age-of-Aquarius hippy way, they say if we all just celebrate each other no conflict, values-based or actual, need exist on the planet. 

According to multiculturalist philosophy, if Bloomberg acknowledged any negative cultural characteristics, he’d have to call himself “racist” or “intolerant.” In the real world, culturists note, diversity includes disgusting behaviors that we cannot tolerate, let alone celebrate.  Does Bloomberg celebrate the strict dress codes and theocratic despotism in Islamic nations?  To wiggle out of this conundrum he has to claim that such practices, like Jihad and Sharia, are just perversions of the true, peaceful, and liberal Islam. 

Multiculturalists must constantly whitewash diversity to show they are not racist.  In fact, multiculturalism reflects a proper level of American sensitivity over denying the civil rights of black Americans.  But, race and culture are different.  And avoiding discussing culture frankly in order to avoid being called a racist blinds you to potentially lethal considerations.  Fighting Islam is not racist, it is culturist.

Bloomberg’s multicultural blindness turns deadly when he feels a need to prove he makes no distinctions between any cultures   In his ultimate act of multiculturalism he actually celebrated Islam with people publicly sworn to replacing our Constitution with oppressive Sharia law.  As such, Bloomberg and his multiculturalist friends are promoting violence against the West. This is not only treasonous, it is deadly.  The Ground Zero mosque will inspire jihadis all over the world.  When the first terror attack comes at the hands of a visitor to the mosque, Bloomberg and multiculturalism will have blood on their hands. 

The Constitution does not provide Saudi’s and other foreign Islamic states the right to build triumphal monuments to the advance of Islam and Sharia in America.  We need culturist leaders that show the Muslim world that we know about their aggression and will protect liberal western values.  Our safety and rights depend on replacing multicultural politicians like Bloomberg with culturists.

John Press, Ph.D.
President – The Brooklyn Tea Party


Sunday, August 22, 2010


CNN is such a shameless group of liars it is completely unbelievable!  WOW !!  

Read the text in this screenshot.  It says the supporters of the mosque numbered 250.  The screenshot shows CNN video of the rally supporting the 9 - 11 Victory Mosque available on the same page.  Do you count 250?  I count 6.  And please note the second sign which reads "google: U.S. Jewish Billionaires."  Yes, this is one of the supporters of tolerance that they champion.  

In truth, there were way over a thousand out in opposition to the mosque.  The video CNN included did not show ANY FOOTAGE from the opposition rally.  They just interviewed a few hardhats in isolation.  Why didn't they show our opposition rally??  Because any image of the rally would have shown a much, much greater number than 450.   

See that footage for yourself . . . here

No wonder culturists call these shameless propagandizing liars the 
                                  CRESCENT NEWS NETWORK.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Progressives and Tea Party Activists Should Join Together

I am the President of a Tea Party chapter and my doctorate in history focused on the Progressive era.  As such, I can tell you that modern progressives belong in the Tea Party.  Furthermore, the Tea Party has a lot to learn from the progressives.

            Glen Beck is only half right.  Leaning heavily on Jonah Goldberg’s excellent book, Liberal Fascism, he argues that progressive government programs inexorably lead to totalitarianism.  This may be correct.  The fallacy comes from not recognizing that historical progressives themselves wrestled with the question of how they could have government programs without undermining local community participation.  What Beck does not acknowledge is that progressives themselves were very worried that a tyranny of Washington experts could exclude the voice of the common man.

            Tea Party participants often make the fatal error of considering the opposite of big government to be Laissez Faire individualism.  They demand zero government and to be left alone.  As Alexis De Tocqueville documented in his amazing 1830 classic, Democracy in America, before progressivism local control and heavy levels of civic participation, not unmolested individualism, defined America. The opposite of big government is local citizen participation, not anarchistic individualism.

            Prior to the industrial revolution small ‘island communities,’ as the historian Robert Wiebe called them, dotted America’s landscape.  In these communities you knew the mayor, the teacher, and everyone’s business. But the emerging large transnational industrial interests could not be regulated by town halls.  And ma and pa could not be participants in national affairs.  As De Tocqueville before them, progressives largely defined America as the land of political participation and worried that the masses would become passive.

The progressives’ concern for local participation is evident in their implementing the initiative process.  This got the common man a voice in State politics and weakened powerful politicians.  To foster local control progressives fought for the direct election of Senators.  They worried about cronyism between big powers and powerful men.  The progressives also got women the vote in order to get more Americans involved in political affairs.  While they wanted national systems, progressives also counterbalance distance from the powers that be with increased channels for democratic participation.

            My dissertation focused on Frances Kellor’s quest for participatory democracy.  As the head of national Americanization efforts, rather than creed, she sought to get immigrants involved in local politics.  For her, such participation was the sin qua non of being an American.  She got Roosevelt’s Progressive Party to create local activist chapters to guide national policy.  And, she wanted civilian training camps, like Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, to foster civic engagement in the populace.  All of these projects sought to foster the participation she saw in the island community she grew up in.

            Progressives, your heritage demands that you celebrate and attempt to foster local political participation.   As it is the greatest popular movement in recent times, you should laud the political activism of the Tea Party members and join them in their activism.  Tea Party folk should recognize that smaller government equals local government. Rather than simply seeking to be left alone, we must strive to run our communities locally.  That means an interest in civic organizations as well as straight politics.  We all, as Americans, must become engaged in our communities again.

            For such a revolution to happen, both sides must change their mindsets.  Liberals cannot continue to call all those who wish to lower the deficit ‘racist.’  This does not foster the civic participation your progressive forefathers sought.  And my Tea Party brethren, instead of simply fighting government, you must demand local control of programs.  We need, for example, to quadruple the tax exemption for giving to local charities.  And, whether you agree or disagree on the specific programs, please do welcome your progressive fellow-citizens’ help in striving to take care of our communities locally.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Proposed Brooklyn Tea Party Candidate Pledges

On September 12th, the Brooklyn Tea Party will be holding a rally at the 69th Street Pier.  We are actively seeking speakers and would greatly appreciate any recommendations and leads you provide.  I am currently pursuing representatives of The Club for Growth and Citizens Against Government Waste.

            Many candidates we have had speak to our group previously, as well as others, would like to speak at our rally.  However, to separate those we would like to give publicity to from those who would just use our credibility, I propose their acceptance of pledges be a prerequisite. 

            Below are six suggested pledges I would like to require of candidates who wish to speak at our rally.  Please feel free to criticize these and suggest others.

           Personally, I would like to add a commitment to use the words "culturism" and "culturist" to counterbalance multiculturalism and disarm the constant abuse of the word ‘racist’ by those who do not wish to discuss the negative aspects of diversity.

            Your feedback on the culturism suggestion, the pledges, and possible speakers is greatly needed and appreciated.  Thank you.

Pledges for Brooklyn Tea Party Candidates:

                1)         - Whereas the reduction of our deficit will require sacrifice;
1)             Pledge to propose legislation to cut all government salaries by 20%. 

                2)         -Whereas stimulus plans and the associated borrowing undermine our national solvency and character;
2)             Pledge to fight to have the unspent stimulus monies applied directly to the reduction of our debt and vote against any further exceptions to the Pay-As-You-Go Budget Rule.

    3)         - Whereas civic participation is weakened by national initiatives and strengthened by local community participation;
3)             Pledge to triple the tax deduction for local charitable giving.

   4)          - Whereas we have national sovereignty, are at war with Islam, and no international right exists for foreign nations to build mosques in our nation;
4)             Pledge to fight the building of the 9 – 11 mosque.

   5)          - Whereas the stability of our nation rests on the reduction of the debt and we must also ask for sacrifice from the off-spring of the greatest generation;
5)             Pledge to propose legislation to take social security and medicare away from those making over 225,000 dollars a year upon their retirement.

   6)             - Whereas unemployment is well above 10% and our nation cannot assimilate unlimited numbers of peoples from foreign cultures;
6)              Pledge to build a fence along our southern border and denounce attacks on Arizona’s laws.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Strange John Press Interview

Here is a not so great interview of me for a web channel.  If you're really bored, watch it by clicking here: