Friday, August 6, 2010

Proposed Brooklyn Tea Party Candidate Pledges

On September 12th, the Brooklyn Tea Party will be holding a rally at the 69th Street Pier.  We are actively seeking speakers and would greatly appreciate any recommendations and leads you provide.  I am currently pursuing representatives of The Club for Growth and Citizens Against Government Waste.

            Many candidates we have had speak to our group previously, as well as others, would like to speak at our rally.  However, to separate those we would like to give publicity to from those who would just use our credibility, I propose their acceptance of pledges be a prerequisite. 

            Below are six suggested pledges I would like to require of candidates who wish to speak at our rally.  Please feel free to criticize these and suggest others.

           Personally, I would like to add a commitment to use the words "culturism" and "culturist" to counterbalance multiculturalism and disarm the constant abuse of the word ‘racist’ by those who do not wish to discuss the negative aspects of diversity.

            Your feedback on the culturism suggestion, the pledges, and possible speakers is greatly needed and appreciated.  Thank you.

Pledges for Brooklyn Tea Party Candidates:

                1)         - Whereas the reduction of our deficit will require sacrifice;
1)             Pledge to propose legislation to cut all government salaries by 20%. 

                2)         -Whereas stimulus plans and the associated borrowing undermine our national solvency and character;
2)             Pledge to fight to have the unspent stimulus monies applied directly to the reduction of our debt and vote against any further exceptions to the Pay-As-You-Go Budget Rule.

    3)         - Whereas civic participation is weakened by national initiatives and strengthened by local community participation;
3)             Pledge to triple the tax deduction for local charitable giving.

   4)          - Whereas we have national sovereignty, are at war with Islam, and no international right exists for foreign nations to build mosques in our nation;
4)             Pledge to fight the building of the 9 – 11 mosque.

   5)          - Whereas the stability of our nation rests on the reduction of the debt and we must also ask for sacrifice from the off-spring of the greatest generation;
5)             Pledge to propose legislation to take social security and medicare away from those making over 225,000 dollars a year upon their retirement.

   6)             - Whereas unemployment is well above 10% and our nation cannot assimilate unlimited numbers of peoples from foreign cultures;
6)              Pledge to build a fence along our southern border and denounce attacks on Arizona’s laws.
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