Friday, September 26, 2008

Islamic Terrorism

I teach muslims at an aeronautic college. The topic is World History. Guess you could say I'm at ground zero. As I was going to an evening protest against the Hyatt hosting a dinner for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, Islam was on my mind all day long.

On the subway the tape played the announcement that those in New York no longer pay attention to, "If you see a suspicious package, report it. All bags and backpacks are subject to random search by the New York Police Department. Thank you and have a safe day." I have always thought inserting "Because of Muslims" between the first and second sentences.

While funny, this suggested insertion is not inaccurate. While not all muslims are terrorists, nearly all terrorists are muslims. Because of the presence of muslims, we have lost basic rights. Safety requires that we now allow police to randomly search our backpacks. If it were not for 9 - 11 we would have no patriot law. This is a cost for those who prize diversity to consider.

On the bus I take after my subway I sat with a student named Muhammad. He has just arrived from Pakistan. He told me that the North of Pakistan is safe, but the cities are dangerous. He did not realize that the cities are unsafe because of the idyllic north. He is not evil, but clueless.

Muhammad should not be allowed in my university. Though personally nice, his clueless nature and frequent trips to Pakistan make him a perfect recruit. And as we have to accept the curbing of our rights due to Muslim's presence, it is not unreasonable to expect them to accept some restrictions in gratitude for letting them resettle here.

This would not be racist, it would be culturist. Racism is stupid. I would not discriminate against Muhammad because his skin is very dark. That would be ludicrous. But his coming from the country that would host Osama Bin Laden seems like a reasonable precaution. Racism is evil and stupid. But because cultural diversity is real, culturism is rational and necessary.

On the subway ride home, I noticed that the "" signs are now up. I later went to the website. It says that misunderstanding other cultures, not jihad is the greatest threat to civilization. Jihad, after all, means love. Multiculturalism teaches that there are no essential differences between cultures and that any mention of one must be mistaken. Culturists know that diversity is so broad it includes cultures that kill for their God - Jihad.

To resolve this situation, someone should get the URL "" We should link it to jihadwatch and produce stickers to place on all of the Islamic propaganda signs.

At the rally people all descried Americans hosting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I concur. It is inappropriate to dialogue with people that kill gays and seek the destruction of our partner nation in the West, Israel. I did disagree with the neo-cons who think we should invade Iran and turn them into the western outpost their citizens really desire to be. I think we should take out his nuclear development sites. But beyond that, I argued that thinking countries are all just little Americas waiting to realize it ignores cultural factors that will undermine our efforts.

I condemn Muslim presence in America because we are essentially different. The senator who wrote the law protecting Americans from libel tourism discussed threats to our freedom of speech. And that phrasing is correct. It is "our" freedom of speech. We believe in it, not them. They protect their culture and we have a right to also. Iran is a Muslim nation. That is fine. We are not, that is fine too. We need to recognize that we have a culture and protect it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Culturism and the Economic Meltdown

Businessmen without loyalty are the forgotten targets of culturism. Yes, culturism advocates border control. Yes, culturism is against multiculturalism in schools. Yes, culturism seeks to have laws that uphold some values. But the book culturism also goes after disloyal businessmen as well. In fact, not just businessmen, but the whole globalist paradigm.

Culturism hates the song "We are the world." We are not the world. Americans are a Western nation. We are not required to stay neutral and give aid to both sides in the Middle East. No place is neutral to culture and the US is home. Globalist businessmen who send our factories overseas forget these facts. They forget that they live in a country that has supported them, taught them and provided an infrastructure that made their business possible. When this country goes down the toilet, I'm not sure where they are going to live. Their best interests lay in pumping up the home team.

Our current economic meltdown reveals disloyalty to values. This hurts all of us. We can see it in the fact that when our economy is rocked, we all suffer. It also goes to the reputation of America. Made in USA used to mean high quality. It now, sadly, is rarely seen. And when it is seen, I'm not sure the good reputation goes along with it. This makes people less likely to buy our products and undermines pride in our work and our nation. This economic situation should help us remember the value of integrity.

Culturism suggests a small legal remedy for white-collar crime. We need to get rid of the two-tier prison system. If you commit fraud, you need to do hard time. Spending five years in a Federal prison that resembles a country club does not deter people. Furthermore, when the small guy robs a liquor store and gets hard time while someone who bilks millions of seniors out of their retirement gets a special prison, it conveys the message that America is stacked against the poor. Ultimately, we need to get our culture back to a place where people have a sense of shame. But, in the meantime, hard jail time for white-collar crime will show our culture cares about its integrity and economic survival.

Friday, September 12, 2008

September 11th

Today people all across America had musical tributes to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the horrific Islamic terrorism inflicted upon us on 9 - 11 - 01. I appreciate the intention, but the New York City, Washington Square Park's choice of foreign music disturbed me.

For over two hours the same band played. I did not understand their language and so could not pinpoint the roots of the music. It could have been Israeli or Romanian. It sounded a bit like gypsy music and features what appeared to be a balalaika.

On 9 - 11 we should feel some sense of connection with our fellow Americans. Listening to music with words I could not begin to understand was alienating. I could feel no common cause with these people as their cultural emanations are literally foreign to me. Perhaps it being 9 - 11 made me overly sensitive, but this focus on foreign persons and cultures with whom we could not communicate brought me less comfort than they likely intended.

Music is not the universal language. Music reflects specific cultural roots. For all I know, the lyrics could have been celebrating acquiring a third wife or the engagement of a child-bride. War can be used for religious ceremonies and to send people off to war. I am not a gypsy from the old world. As a culturist I do not automatically celebrate other cultures or their emanations on our soil.

Multicultural celebrations of 9 - 11 indicate that we still do not understand cultural diversity. We still do not recognize that some cultures mean us harm. Multiculturalists want to reduce cultural differences to food, festivals, fashion and music. While urging us to "celebrating diversity," they fail to recognize that cultures actually do have profoundly different values and that some even teach hatred for the values of Western civilization.

The simple multicultural vision of the world reminds me of "Its a Small World" at Disneyland. This all-cultures-are-equal mode undermines our sense of progress and pride in our accomplishments. This same ignorance of diversity leads us to not take our borders seriously. It leads us to inadvertenly celebrate and validate communities in our midst with regressive and violent values. The multicultural 9 - 11 celebration showed how little we learned on that day.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Quick Culturist Sarah Palin Post

I, personally, am what is called "pro-choice." I am pro-choice AND I believe that states should have the right to decide their laws. The legislature is the branch closest to the people; the Court is the branch furthest removed. And when the vote came to my state, I'd be pro-choice all the way. I have a position and so does culturism. But this post is NOT about me or culturism.

I am blown away by Sarah Palin. Lets hope that many politicians are honorable people. And when they've made tough votes (costly to them) they deserve some praise. But her choice to keep her down syndrome child is beyond me and extremely noble.

Honestly I do not know if, given the choice, I would keep such a child. I would certainly look at it from a selfish point of view. It would be a lot of work, trouble and concern for me. Then I'd likely justify my decision using the child's best interests. What kind of life would that child have? I'd tell myself that we would all be better off if I waited and had a healthy child later. If this was an option, I'd likely abort. Damn, that sounds ugly. But, as it is a difficult and personal decision, I cannot make it for others who are in different circumstances.

But, I deeply respect Sarah Palin for her choice. She has her plate full with four healthy children and work. And no matter how much help she has, this child will bring a lot of work with few prospects. Her decision to keep the child says more to me about her than any voting record ever could. This is a woman of her conviction. This is a woman who values life more than I do. This is a person I can trust to stand by her morals when the going gets tough. She has some executive decision experience. But this experience sets her apart from the rest.