Saturday, September 20, 2008

Culturism and the Economic Meltdown

Businessmen without loyalty are the forgotten targets of culturism. Yes, culturism advocates border control. Yes, culturism is against multiculturalism in schools. Yes, culturism seeks to have laws that uphold some values. But the book culturism also goes after disloyal businessmen as well. In fact, not just businessmen, but the whole globalist paradigm.

Culturism hates the song "We are the world." We are not the world. Americans are a Western nation. We are not required to stay neutral and give aid to both sides in the Middle East. No place is neutral to culture and the US is home. Globalist businessmen who send our factories overseas forget these facts. They forget that they live in a country that has supported them, taught them and provided an infrastructure that made their business possible. When this country goes down the toilet, I'm not sure where they are going to live. Their best interests lay in pumping up the home team.

Our current economic meltdown reveals disloyalty to values. This hurts all of us. We can see it in the fact that when our economy is rocked, we all suffer. It also goes to the reputation of America. Made in USA used to mean high quality. It now, sadly, is rarely seen. And when it is seen, I'm not sure the good reputation goes along with it. This makes people less likely to buy our products and undermines pride in our work and our nation. This economic situation should help us remember the value of integrity.

Culturism suggests a small legal remedy for white-collar crime. We need to get rid of the two-tier prison system. If you commit fraud, you need to do hard time. Spending five years in a Federal prison that resembles a country club does not deter people. Furthermore, when the small guy robs a liquor store and gets hard time while someone who bilks millions of seniors out of their retirement gets a special prison, it conveys the message that America is stacked against the poor. Ultimately, we need to get our culture back to a place where people have a sense of shame. But, in the meantime, hard jail time for white-collar crime will show our culture cares about its integrity and economic survival.
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