Friday, September 5, 2008

Quick Culturist Sarah Palin Post

I, personally, am what is called "pro-choice." I am pro-choice AND I believe that states should have the right to decide their laws. The legislature is the branch closest to the people; the Court is the branch furthest removed. And when the vote came to my state, I'd be pro-choice all the way. I have a position and so does culturism. But this post is NOT about me or culturism.

I am blown away by Sarah Palin. Lets hope that many politicians are honorable people. And when they've made tough votes (costly to them) they deserve some praise. But her choice to keep her down syndrome child is beyond me and extremely noble.

Honestly I do not know if, given the choice, I would keep such a child. I would certainly look at it from a selfish point of view. It would be a lot of work, trouble and concern for me. Then I'd likely justify my decision using the child's best interests. What kind of life would that child have? I'd tell myself that we would all be better off if I waited and had a healthy child later. If this was an option, I'd likely abort. Damn, that sounds ugly. But, as it is a difficult and personal decision, I cannot make it for others who are in different circumstances.

But, I deeply respect Sarah Palin for her choice. She has her plate full with four healthy children and work. And no matter how much help she has, this child will bring a lot of work with few prospects. Her decision to keep the child says more to me about her than any voting record ever could. This is a woman of her conviction. This is a woman who values life more than I do. This is a person I can trust to stand by her morals when the going gets tough. She has some executive decision experience. But this experience sets her apart from the rest.
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