Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Salute the Culturist Generation Identitaire

In the long run, this late-mid October 2012 week might get memorialized as an important one in culturist history. Not for the American Presidential debates.  But because “Generation Identity,” (‘Identitare” in French), occupied, in the popular American vernacular, a mosque and demanded a public referendum on ending Islamic immigration and mosque construction.   This group scored on rhetoric; and they understand history.  An involving, public form of peaceful, culturist action, led by a new generation, has emerged.

The French Generation Identity movement is grounded in culturist historical basics; from the roof of the Poitiers mosque, in honor of October 25th, they hung a banner reading, “732 Generation Identitaire.”  The Muslims actually built the mosque to revenge the French Hero, Ancestor, and warrior, Charles Martel defeating their Muslims ancestors in Poitiers, on that spot, on 732. The significance of this battle cannot be overstated.  Charles Martel’s victory over Islam likely prevented a repetition in France of the 700-year take over of Spain by the same Muslim forces.  

Culturists have history on their side and use it. The history of animosity and bloody battle between the West and Islam has not stopped.  Multiculturalists remove this historical angle and so project the relatively peaceful present back into the past and indefinitely into the future.  But, history and current geo-political activity show inter-civilizational conflict continuing.  In celebrating Charles’ Martel’s 732 battle, Generation Identity shows acute culturist historical awareness.

The word “Identity” in the name of Generation Identity refers, I argue, to culture.  Generation Identity begs their culturally French brethren to keep the region’s traditional majority culture from the aggression of a historically hostile culture.  As the West paradoxically makes individualism the root of our cultural commonality, our national culture groups collectively have trouble separating the individual identity tree from the cultural forest. We tend to see identity individually. But, Generation Identity’s highlighting their national history points collective cultural identity being their group name’s referent.

Cognitive dissonance happens when one can choose between an uncomfortable fact and changing your actions.  People would rather change their assessments of situations than face a challenging reality.  The older generation cowers at discussing the hard truth of Islam in the West.  The new generation has no comfortable fear abeyance mechanism, denial, or employment, making its generation accommodate and pretend to its doom.  As our forefathers did with the decline of religion, this generation can and must outstare this void with their eyes wide open. 

Culturists in other western nations, such as the British National Culturists, constitute new generational stances based on a fresh and clear interpretation of history. We western bretheren recognize common words in “Identitaire” and “Identity.” We agree with your statements against multiculturalists and globalists. When our separate nations band, western culturism stands stronger. In this spirit we salute your culturist hero Martel. And we culturists in America, England and elsewhere in the western world admire and salute you, Generation Identity, for your historic culturist initiative. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Explosive Censored Presidential Debate Footage Found!

Most people thought the Presidential debates a great success.  Those on the right celebrated Mitt Romney’s victory.  And, those on the left praised the substantive nature of the debate.  But, I found the debate suspicious and disturbing. 

Was it really possible that, in the sole debate entirely dedicated to domestic policy, the topic of immigration did not come up once?  Is that possible?  I thought not. And, so I began a search, at my place of employment, for the censored debate footage that I suspected existed.

I mean, this debate focused on jobs.  And the presence of over 15 million illegal aliens means that a very significant number of Americans have been displaced from the job market.  Though he would never say so, President Obama should be especially for reducing immigration, since Latino immigrants largely take African – Americans’ entry-level jobs. 

And, maybe it is just me, but I thought terrorism would be mentioned in the domestic policy debate.  After the Fort Hood terrorist attach and our freedom of speech being denounced this 9/11, I thought domestic terror policy and Islamic immigration might have come up once.  This total omission did not make sense to me either.

Remarkably, It only took me a day of snooping around after work to find the missing footage.  I am not sure if it got spliced out from the original debate or if the networks simply aired a different debate than the one that happened.  But, the authorities clearly thought that the censored footage I found was far too explosive for the general public. 

In the missing footage, Romney starts off by saying he wishes to fence off our border with Mexico.  He also says that he would also halt Islamic immigration.  Obama repeatedly calls this racist.  And, Romney shows himself a patriot by not relenting.  But, I need not describe this footage any further, as you can watch it for yourself, here:


When you are done watching this censored footage, please distribute it.  Repost this introduction.  It is imperative that Americans know of this horrific and unprecedented censorship.  If enough people learn of this unforgivable manipulation, perhaps in future debates the authorities discussion of the vital topics of immigration and the threat of Islamic jihad to be aired.

John K. Press, Ph.D.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 Culturist Presidential Debates

Hi Culturists,

Please enjoy the Presidential debates as I'd like to see them unfurl!  This video touches on several aspects of culturist thought.  Please enjoy and spread it!  


John Press

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Culturist Praise for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

In his recent journey through America, calling for the elimination of Israel, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran made a bold and important statement.  Along with the 9/11/12 assaults on our embassies, and the subsequent rioting across the Muslim world, this speech has served as a clarion call to all who would think.  The West needs leaders who share Ahmadinejad’s geo-political philosophy.

While we take a globalist position, President Ahmadinejad and the leaders of the Arab Spring take a culturist position: they know they have a side and they stand up for it.  In his response to Ahmadinejad, President Barak Obama, by contrast, denounced politics that pit, “East against West; South against North; Muslim against Christian, Hindu, and Jew”[i] Obama is a globalist in that he takes no side in any international battles, he claims to speak for all of humanity.  We must rebuke this cultural blindness and realize, as Ahmadinejad, declares, that the West has a side in international affairs.

You must admire the extremes to which Ahmadinejad and him Muslim bretheren take their culturist stance. While in America, Iran’s President told CBS that Israel has no roots in the Middle East and must be “eliminated.”[ii] The twenty – one Arab countries surrounding Israel have a land mass of 8,368,272 square miles.  By contrast Israel covers 12,877 square miles.  In the whole Middle East a small sliver smaller than New Jersey is non-Islamic and the culturist Muslim world will not stand for it.[iii]  They back what has become the traditional majority culture in the Middle East - Islam.  Ahmadinejad and the Muslim world’s refusal to give up any of their territory should inspire us.

Instead, the West fought for the establishment of the Islamic state of Kosovo in Southeastern Europe.  We did so in the name of “human rights.” Ahmadinejad’s philosophy is better. Outside of necessary trade, Iran does not give Israel any money.  They know that non-Muslim nations are their competitors in a global battle for survival.  We, by contrast, give Palestinians money because we wish to avoid, by whatever means necessary, the impression that we are taking sides.  In his United Nations reply to Iran’s President, Obama declared that he supports Israelis and Palestinians alike.  Like Ahmadinejad, we must acknowledge that we have enemies and not support them.

Obama also champions the culture blind philosophy of multiculturalism.  As if channeling all other western politicians, in his United Nations response to Ahmadinejad, Obama declared, “we believe that freedom and self-determination are not unique to one culture. These are not simply American values or Western values – they are universal values.”[iv] As all multiculturalists and neo-cons, he boldly proclaims that cultural diversity does not exist, has no impact on politics, and has no place in our policy decisions.  This culture-blind logic, of course, underpins our continued efforts to turn Afghanistan into democracies and pumping of billions of our dollars into enemy regimes in the Middle East, as well as our culturally neutral border policies.

Ahmadinejad, by way of contrast, has been telling us that cultural diversity exists. During his visit to the United States he supported a move by an Iranian religious foundation to increase the reward for killing Salman Rushdie for blasphemy. He calls homosexuality a western disease.[v]  As such he proudly attempts to inform us that Islam is a different culture with different and opposing values to ours. Yet, our politicians deny cultural diversity exists, even while murderous riots denouncing free speech have spread across the Muslim world.  We must reject multicultural blindness for the culturist position, by beginning to notice the extent of cultural diversity and taking it seriously. 

President Ahmadinejad and the Muslims rioting across the Muslim world are trying to disabuse us of globalist and multicultural illusions.  We need to listen to them.  It is time to renounce the globalist vision that claims no international struggles for dominance exist.  We need to clear our palates of the multicultural lie that cultural diversity does not really exist or have any place in our policy decisions.  What our leaders call ‘universal values’ are not universal, they are western.[vi] We must take a culturist position.  We must heed Ahmadinejad’s culturist declarations that the West has a particular culture and Islam is against it, and adjust our policies accordingly.   

Dr. Press is the author of the book Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.  He is also the inspiration behind the British political party the National Culturists.

[i] National Journal Staff, “Full Text: President Obama's Speech at the United Nations General Assembly,” http://news.yahoo.com/full-text-president-obamas-speech-united-nations-general-102500744--politics.html, Sept, 25th, 2012
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[iii] The Israel Project, “Israel by the Numbers on the Eve of its 58th Year of Independence,” http://www.theisraelproject.org/site/apps/nl/content2.asp?c=hsJPK0PIJpH&b=883997&ct=2356049, May 1st, 2006
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Culturist ATLAH World Missionary Church

I had a very culturist morning.  The day began when I visited my friend in Harlem.  Harlem is a traditionally black community in New York City. It spawned a lot of great jazz musicians and has fame as the location of the explosion of arts in the 1920s that went under the name of the Harlem Renaissance.  And, I have always loved it for its proliferation of African-American churches.

Upon leaving my friends home, I entered the ATLAH World Missionary Church.  The name reminded me of Allah, but I did not know what to expect.  All I knew was that the music coming from inside seemed unreal in its power and complexity.  Upon entering, I found I was probably the only white person there.  But, I was told not to linger in the way back, but to take a seat up with the parishioners.  The twenty or so women in the choir were headed by a large woman, who hit every note with power.  If you know American culture, you know the music, you can imagine the scene.

One of the first utterances of the slightly rotund minister, Rev. James David Manning, was “I love this country.  I am patriotic.  I love Jesus first.  But I love this country second.  And, I don’t want to live anywhere else  other than right here.”  The church had a large American flag in the back.  I expected him to say “But, . . . “ and qualify his message.  But, he went further and condemned the American Civil Rights activist Al Sharpton and Barak Obama, by name, for spreading messages that framed African – Americans as victims.  Recommended getting out of public housing and churches starting jobs programs.  He spoke of gentrification and said the locals had only themselves to blame.  

Then the uber eloquent Minister told the crowd that you cannot curse America and then want your kids to have pro-social feelings.  If they grow  up blaming America as an oppressor, they will not want to contribute to its well-being.  The church members were hypocrites if they followed the democrat line and told their children that anyone owed them anything.  He denounced the ne’er-do-wells who populate the neighborhood as victims of these messages who did not know their own power.  His African American audience learned the culturist message that the patriotic belief system was the way forward.

Then the Minister took a very interesting turn.  He said that Satan had gotten into people.  I as an atheist I rolled my eyes.  But, this master of speech had earned my respect so I quieted my mind and listened.  He said that an ecumenical bug had been spread.  And church leaders now said that all Gods were equal. We were supposed to respect Hare Krishnas, Buddhists, Sikhs and Muslims.  He said that fights between Methodists and Presbyterians were tough and constantly divided Christians and were par for the course.  But, nowadays preachers tell him he’s supposed to sit down and agree with a Muslim and agree that all gods are the same.  No way. He would work with them.  But Jesus was the way truth and light, and he would not pay respects to any foreign religion.  

The very survival of this church, the very format that gets practiced weekly in Harlem churches represents the survival of culture.  But being of this tradition, the ATLAH World Ministry Church likely recognizes more than others, that the responsibility for maintaining community rests with that community.  Others do not pass on pro-social messages for us.  The schools are supposed to.  But, their multiculturalism, at best, tells us that others paths and our way has no more merit than any other. At worst it tells us that our very land is poisoned for being having had slavery and being Eurocentric.   Refreshingly, the ATLAH World Missionary Church will not go down this path.  They praise their culture, they pass on pro-social messages, both patriotic and local, to their members via exhilarating traditional means.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

American Thinker Reader’s Anti-Jihad Policy Suggestions for SION

On 9/16/12 American Thinker ran the article “A Plan to Stop the Islamization of the World is at Hand.”  This article heartily praised the organization Stop the Islamization of the World (SION) as the world’s leading anti-Jihad organization.  And it lauded the inaugural meeting of SION’s International Freedom of Speech Congress (IFSC) held on 9/11/12. 

However, it was argued that the IFSC would have more impact if their meetings supplemented the focus on speeches with policy formation. As such, my American Thinker article proposed 11 policy planks that the IFSC could consider.  After 175 comments many were revised, deleted and added. Here are the 21 policy ideas that we, the American Thinker community, think the IFSC should consider adopting as policy. 

We believe the IFSC should:

1)   Stand for the immediate halt of immigration by Muslims into western nations.

2) Denounce the violation of any rights or the harassment of any peaceful Muslim citizens in the West.

3) Reclassify Islam from a religion to a political organization for the purposes of law.

4)   Call for an investigation into the CAIR and other Islamic advocacy groups under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

5)  Undertake regular inventories of mosques in the West to look for pro-violence materials. Furthermore, we support surveillance of mosques where more than 5 % of the materials advocate violence.

6)  Close down any mosque which advocates Jihad.

7) Call for the immediate investigation into foreign mosque funding in the West. And, proposes to make foreign funding of mosques in non-Islamic nations illegal.

8) Oppose the use as spiritual mentors in prisons by any person associated with either mosques that advocate violence or terror affiliated organizations.

9) Initiate deportation hearings against non-citizens who promote Jihad in our nations.

10) Make clear that we oppose the cultural blindness of multiculturalism and are not racist, the IFDC promotes the words “culturism” (the opposite of multiculturalism) and “culturist.” Recognizing the importance of diversity, announce that we are a culturist movement, not a racist one.

11) Support culturist profiling at airports and in hiring practices when national security and public safety could be compromised.

12) Require curriculum to describe the violent tactics of Muhammad and the 1,400-year conflict between Islam and non-Islamic nations and peoples.  This curriculum should also be used in museums and memorials which touch upon the topic of Islam.

13) Make the foreign funding of Islamic Studies departments and faculty positions in our universities illegal.

14) Advocate that we not accept students from Islam dominated countries to enter into any fields of study which would endanger national security or be used to military purposes.

15) Adopt the policy of disproportionate response whenever our property or citizens are harmed. 

16) Support a culturist foreign policy wherein we make decisions that take cultural affiliation into account.  We must side against Muslims who are ethnically cleansing Christians.

17) Call for a halt of foreign aid to Islamic nations.

18) Demand the revoking of UN resolution 16/18 and any other resolutions that might limit the freedom of speech.

19) Either lobby to have the UN to declare all Jihad a crime against humanity or totally withdraw from the UN and ask it to relocate to another nation.

20) Recommend that nations pursue a policy of energy independence with the aim of defunding Islamic expansion.

21) Prohibit the use of Sharia-based law or practices in any western court, nation, or any government functions in said nations.

The preceding suggestions do not represent the official policy of SION or the IFSC.  Neither do each of these policies represent the views of the forum moderator, John K. Press. We recognize that the leadership of IFSC will formulate policy on behalf of the IFSC.  And, if the IFSC formulates policies, we rank-and-file Jihad activists will ultimately enthusiastically support the final policy platform.  We hope that they do.

Dr. Press is the author of the book Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.  He is also the inspiration behind the British political movement the National Culturists.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reflections of the SION International Freedom Defense Congress

On September 11th, 2012, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer hosted the Stop the Islamization of Nations (SION) International Freedom Defense Congress (IFDC). For this they deserve praise and thanks. I offer the following idea as a constructive suggestion.

A congress is a deliberative body. Rather than deliberation, we heard wonderful and inspiring speeches from activists, artists, and researchers working on the problem of the growing influence of Islam. True to the name, I would have liked to have had a portion of the event dedicated to debating and crafting an IFDC platform.

Among suggested policy planks, the following might have emerged:

1) The IFDC stands for the immediate halt of immigration by Muslims into western nations.

2) To make clear that we oppose the cultural blindness of multiculturalism and are not racist, the IFDC promotes the words “culturism” (the opposite of multiculturalism) and “culturists.” Recognizing the importance of diversity, we are a culturist movement, not a racist one.

3) The IFDC promotes regular inventories of mosques in the West to look for pro-violence materials. Furthermore, we support surveillance of mosques where more than 5 % of the materials advocate violence.

4) The IFDC supports culturist profiling at airports and in hiring practices when national security and public safety could be compromised.

5) The IFDC advocates deportation hearings against non-citizens in our nations that promote Jihad.

6) The IFDC calls for the immediate investigation into foreign mosque funding in the West. And, the IFDC propose to make foreign funding of mosques in the West illegal.

7) The IFDC denounces all violence.

8) The IFDC denounces the violation of any rights  or the harrassment of any peaceful Muslim citizens in the West.

9) The IFDC calls for curriculum and Islam related memorials and museums to describe the violent tactics of Muhammad and the 1400 year conflict between Islam and non-Islamic nations and peoples.

10) The IFDC denounces the use of western dollars and lives to attempt to turn Islamic nations into Western nations. And the IFDC denounces sending western foreign to Islamic nations generally.

11) The IFDC denounces the use of Sharia-based law in any western court or nation.

To be sure, these platform planks would have engendered difficult debates. Some would have been removed.  Some would have been added.  The order would have garnered discussion. We would have to work tirelessly to agree upon wording. But that is what congresses do.

This released final IFDC platform would have reduced the media’s ability to spin the reporting against us. It would provide a platform for western political parties to either adopt or refute. And, it would provide a litmus test for western politicians.

John K. Press, Ph.D.


National Culturists Greeting

For those who don't know, a group named the National Culturists has been formed in Britain. They are modelled on my book Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future. Recently, they had their inagural event. As I couldn't go to Britain, I filmed this video to thank them for their efforts.

At heart, it asks you to use challenge multiculturalists by using the words 'Culturism' and 'Culturist' today.

Monday, July 30, 2012

National Culturists Emerge

Today I learned of the formation of a National Culturists political organization in Britain.  They are actively spreading the words "Culturism" and "Culturist" in an effort to protect Britain.   Mr. Jack Buckby, an acitivist and political science major at the University of Liverpool, serves as the Chairman of the National Culturists.  He spoke at the European National Movements Conference on culturism, and is setting up university chapters, which may perhaps ask for culturist courses along side the multicultural offerings.

The National Culturists website carries a video of Buckby's capable speech.  He suggested that we adopt the terms "culturism" and "culturist" to win back the public dialogue.  Even in Britain, multiculturalists call anyone who points out that diversity can account for significant differences in meaningful characteristics such as educational and economic attainment "racists."  Cultural diversity is real and important.  When we spread the words, Buckby tells the conference, we can take back the dialogue. 

The National Culturists have grown rapidly.  Many political parties have taken to the terms "culturism" and "culturist" under their leadership.  They are not a political Party.  They have gotten members of various Party's to agree to join the moment in spreading the words "culturism" and the "culturists."  They have also networked with Churches and Pagans as these comprise the traditional majority culture of Britain.  

In a video, Jack Buckby says he welcomes all who support the maintenance of the traditional majority culture, regardless of religion or cultural background or sexual orientation.  This provides a worthy culturist goal of including all who respect, if not seek to assimilate into, the traditional majority British culture. And, were more time in the video, Buckby might have noted that to protect British and Western culture maintains the world's only safe havens for LGBT persons.  

In sum. I like this new National Culturists organization.  

Dr. John Kenneth Press

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You are Left or You are Left Behind; Multicultural Cruelty

Dear Conservative Friends,
Below I have reprinted one of the most painful letters I have ever received.  Sandra and I (as all names herein, this is a pseudonym) were the only two people in our doctoral program cohort for three and a half years.  As a team of two, we took the same courses and endured the same abuse from the same professors.  We would eagerly share gossip and insights after every class and commiserate after every intellectual and emotional hurdle.  Through our frequent meals and shared struggles we became very close.  In the letter below, Sandra tells me that her "integrity as a global citizen" demands that she no longer communicate with me.
After reading the letter below, imagine Sandra's openness on a hiring committee!  The domination of academia's multicultural dogma means that Americans cannot discuss Islam, immigration, or many other vital topics without being called "racist."  I have tried in vain to explain that sustaining the West provides the greatest hope for women, LGBT folk, and freedom of conscience; after the West falls, Western "human rights" values will not predominate.  Protecting the West is progressive.  This chilling letter shows the extent to which multiculturalism is a cult and not system of beliefs open to debate.
You should learn from my mistakes. I stepped down as the head of the Brooklyn Tea Party when two of my oldest friends threatened to never speak to me again if I continued to advocate "culturism" as an alternative to multiculturalism.  Even after I stepped down, one of them immediately disowned me.  Another has remained friends, but we no longer discuss politics.  I had suspected that Sandra would not speak with me due to political disagreements.  As the letter conveys, I greatly overestimated the extent to which people's hearts can override indoctrination.
Revenge partially motivates my reprinting of this letter.  I am bitter at what multicultural dogma has done to my nation and to my friendships.  I hope that in years to come, Sandra will look up this letter and see what a horrid "humanitarian" she was, call me, and apologize.  But I also hope that somehow a liberal will read it and realize how personally cruel liberal dogmatism has made him or her.  Then perhaps we might begin to restore some tolerance for a diversity of opinions.  Our nation, our hearts, and some friendships might get rescued in the process.
* * *
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2012 13:42:25 -0400
From: Sandra.multiculturalist@msu.edu
To: pressjohn@hotmail.com
Dear John,
Writing to you having finally finished all the candidacy requirements, proposal defense, and am looking forward to a summer of dissertation writing.  It must seem like a lifetime ago when we were in classes together.  Jack Franklin and Adam are still plugging away as well - although neither of them make it to Jefferson Square all that much.  There is new student in the program - Jim Bernstein, so a warped form of the entering class of Fall 2006 lives on.
I received your facebook request and notice of your publication and thought that I should actually write you back rather than avoid the topic.  As you know, it has been my idea that backing away was a gentler form of conflict than direct confrontation, however I have more recently discovered that the other party cannot read my mind and communication would save years of misinterpretation.
So basically I was approaching our relationship on a very familiar level with the thought that I don't have to approve of all that my family members believe and do in order to maintain relationships with them. I was very fond of you and really felt like we were comrades-in-arm having survivor hazing from historians in all shapes and forms -be they real, would be, or historian of education.
In the process of becoming a doctoral candidate my bubble was burst and I began to realize that the relational framework in which I lived in was not enough and I have begun to take responsibility for the political consequences and social implications of my own thoughts and actions.  This shedding of my more provincial self, therefore, lead to a more nuanced look at my associations and actions. I could no longer approve-by-association your public work to rally against building a mosque downtown, your concept of Americanization, your tea-party work, blog postings, etc.  I had to begin to consider our relationship not fraternally but as colleagues.
So frankly I cannot approve of your politics and maintain my own personal integrity as a global citizen.  I apologize if this sounds hurtful as I do have a tender spot for you.  I feel as if we grew up together in a certain sense - bumping into the sharp edges within this rabbit hole called NYU.  I fondly remember the steps we traveled together; I am grateful for the company at the time; and I wish you well in the future.
All my best,

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/04/you_are_left_or_you_are_left_behind_lessons_in_multicultural_cruelty.html#ixzz1t71zjd4P