Saturday, October 6, 2012

Explosive Censored Presidential Debate Footage Found!

Most people thought the Presidential debates a great success.  Those on the right celebrated Mitt Romney’s victory.  And, those on the left praised the substantive nature of the debate.  But, I found the debate suspicious and disturbing. 

Was it really possible that, in the sole debate entirely dedicated to domestic policy, the topic of immigration did not come up once?  Is that possible?  I thought not. And, so I began a search, at my place of employment, for the censored debate footage that I suspected existed.

I mean, this debate focused on jobs.  And the presence of over 15 million illegal aliens means that a very significant number of Americans have been displaced from the job market.  Though he would never say so, President Obama should be especially for reducing immigration, since Latino immigrants largely take African – Americans’ entry-level jobs. 

And, maybe it is just me, but I thought terrorism would be mentioned in the domestic policy debate.  After the Fort Hood terrorist attach and our freedom of speech being denounced this 9/11, I thought domestic terror policy and Islamic immigration might have come up once.  This total omission did not make sense to me either.

Remarkably, It only took me a day of snooping around after work to find the missing footage.  I am not sure if it got spliced out from the original debate or if the networks simply aired a different debate than the one that happened.  But, the authorities clearly thought that the censored footage I found was far too explosive for the general public. 

In the missing footage, Romney starts off by saying he wishes to fence off our border with Mexico.  He also says that he would also halt Islamic immigration.  Obama repeatedly calls this racist.  And, Romney shows himself a patriot by not relenting.  But, I need not describe this footage any further, as you can watch it for yourself, here:

When you are done watching this censored footage, please distribute it.  Repost this introduction.  It is imperative that Americans know of this horrific and unprecedented censorship.  If enough people learn of this unforgivable manipulation, perhaps in future debates the authorities discussion of the vital topics of immigration and the threat of Islamic jihad to be aired.

John K. Press, Ph.D.
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