Thursday, September 20, 2012

American Thinker Reader’s Anti-Jihad Policy Suggestions for SION

On 9/16/12 American Thinker ran the article “A Plan to Stop the Islamization of the World is at Hand.”  This article heartily praised the organization Stop the Islamization of the World (SION) as the world’s leading anti-Jihad organization.  And it lauded the inaugural meeting of SION’s International Freedom of Speech Congress (IFSC) held on 9/11/12. 

However, it was argued that the IFSC would have more impact if their meetings supplemented the focus on speeches with policy formation. As such, my American Thinker article proposed 11 policy planks that the IFSC could consider.  After 175 comments many were revised, deleted and added. Here are the 21 policy ideas that we, the American Thinker community, think the IFSC should consider adopting as policy. 

We believe the IFSC should:

1)   Stand for the immediate halt of immigration by Muslims into western nations.

2) Denounce the violation of any rights or the harassment of any peaceful Muslim citizens in the West.

3) Reclassify Islam from a religion to a political organization for the purposes of law.

4)   Call for an investigation into the CAIR and other Islamic advocacy groups under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

5)  Undertake regular inventories of mosques in the West to look for pro-violence materials. Furthermore, we support surveillance of mosques where more than 5 % of the materials advocate violence.

6)  Close down any mosque which advocates Jihad.

7) Call for the immediate investigation into foreign mosque funding in the West. And, proposes to make foreign funding of mosques in non-Islamic nations illegal.

8) Oppose the use as spiritual mentors in prisons by any person associated with either mosques that advocate violence or terror affiliated organizations.

9) Initiate deportation hearings against non-citizens who promote Jihad in our nations.

10) Make clear that we oppose the cultural blindness of multiculturalism and are not racist, the IFDC promotes the words “culturism” (the opposite of multiculturalism) and “culturist.” Recognizing the importance of diversity, announce that we are a culturist movement, not a racist one.

11) Support culturist profiling at airports and in hiring practices when national security and public safety could be compromised.

12) Require curriculum to describe the violent tactics of Muhammad and the 1,400-year conflict between Islam and non-Islamic nations and peoples.  This curriculum should also be used in museums and memorials which touch upon the topic of Islam.

13) Make the foreign funding of Islamic Studies departments and faculty positions in our universities illegal.

14) Advocate that we not accept students from Islam dominated countries to enter into any fields of study which would endanger national security or be used to military purposes.

15) Adopt the policy of disproportionate response whenever our property or citizens are harmed. 

16) Support a culturist foreign policy wherein we make decisions that take cultural affiliation into account.  We must side against Muslims who are ethnically cleansing Christians.

17) Call for a halt of foreign aid to Islamic nations.

18) Demand the revoking of UN resolution 16/18 and any other resolutions that might limit the freedom of speech.

19) Either lobby to have the UN to declare all Jihad a crime against humanity or totally withdraw from the UN and ask it to relocate to another nation.

20) Recommend that nations pursue a policy of energy independence with the aim of defunding Islamic expansion.

21) Prohibit the use of Sharia-based law or practices in any western court, nation, or any government functions in said nations.

The preceding suggestions do not represent the official policy of SION or the IFSC.  Neither do each of these policies represent the views of the forum moderator, John K. Press. We recognize that the leadership of IFSC will formulate policy on behalf of the IFSC.  And, if the IFSC formulates policies, we rank-and-file Jihad activists will ultimately enthusiastically support the final policy platform.  We hope that they do.

Dr. Press is the author of the book Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.  He is also the inspiration behind the British political movement the National Culturists.


ib said...

No one asked me what I thought. I can't agree with your list. I believe all mosques are barracks and all mosques need to be removed and no more built, Muslims may practice their"religion" at home/

I think we should remove ourselves and our funding completely from the OIC dominate farce of a UN. If you changed those two things I could get behind your initiative.

I can't remember if mention a complete halt to muslims immigration and possible deportation of all the rest. That would also be one of my suggestions, followed by a suggestion for a "cordon sanitaire".

Anonymous said...

There's a problem with (1) though -
I know of many secular or atheist ex-Iranians who have had to escape their oppressive religious state. Most of them are muslims, by no fault of their own, they are also western-orientated, are educated and share our ideals (e.g. Salman Rushdie). I think we should/could add an extra selection criteria - it would be hard to define, but simply stopping any muslim from entering might possibly be comparable to preventing Jews who were escaping from Nazi Germany from emigrating.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree we should stop more mosques from being built.

Jonny said...

This set of ideas cannot work. It is too full of appeasement and requires no correction of bad behavior by the worst behaving group of people on the planet.

The VERY FIRST thing it should require is that all discrimination against non-Muslims in Muslim lands be stopped immediately before Muslims can be allowed to travel to or live in the West under any sort of visa whatsoever.

Muslims cannot be allowed to live in non-Muslim countries. They have vast wealth. Let them live in their own countries.

Muslims should not be allowed to come to the West, period.

Nibelung said...

Jonny is right. But only a Stalin or Hitler would be able to put it in practices. Democracies are like a house without doors and windows and walls. They advocate freedom but they don't know where are the borders of their country.