Sunday, December 30, 2007

Steven Baskerville - Family law, culturist emergency

Since yesterday's blog concerned Latino and general American familial patterns, this follow - up will too. It is too short. For more information you should click the title of this blog.

Dr. Steven Baskerville's work shows that much of the huge increase in single parent homes can be traced to the amazingly draconian divorce laws and the industry that surrounds them. His work is very, very important. Though I have not read it, I am sure his book Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family is wonderful. That is based on my assesment of reading lengthy articles by him, including the one the title of this blog links to.

Dr. Baskerville's work shows that no-fault divorces essentially encourage women to seek divorces unilaterally. They are nearly always granted the children and child support. If they claim abuse, an automatic restraining order is put on the man. If he falls behind in child support, he can go to jail. All of these things can happen to him - the loss of his children, garnishing of his wages, criminilazation, and possible arrest - without any due process. The Georgia Superior Court held that, “The presumptive award leaves the non-custodial parent in poverty while the custodial parent enjoys a notably higher standard of living." Matching grants from the Federal government to the state means the courts have a stake in separating fathers from homes.

My single caution for Dr. Baskerville would stem from his Chronicles Magazine, January 2008 article. He notes that cultural decay, family values, and culture wars overlook the role of family law in the creation of fatherless families. Economic and legal pressures by the "child support industry" are important. But cultures are different and cultural influences are important. The single mothers of whom I posted yesterday were not doing so due their ability to get custody and child support. For some cultures not having a father is just a cultural norm.

We cannot ignore cultural diversity when making law. Not all educational policies fit all cultural groups, for example, equally well. Culturism, the book, also urges us to remember that - as Plato repeatedly stated - laws teach. Laws have cultural and moral impact. It would show poor culturist savvy to ignore the impact of family law on culture. Culturism means we must define, protect, and promote our culture; this is a legitimate policy interest. Culture does not exist independently of policy or government; laws must take culture into account.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Culturist Thought of the Day - Hispanic Family Values

Multiculturalists tell us to "celebrate diversity." Culturism, the book, shows that cultures can include headhunting and psychedelic drug use as normal. Culturism says that this is okay, in the countries in which this is the majority culture. But it is no NO WAY okay here. Multiculturalists would have to accept these behaviors domestically or qualify their celbratory stance. That would make them culturists. Instead they just chant slogans and ignore the breadth of diversity.

Culturism's taking diversity seriously, understanding the breadth of behaviors that can be norms, accepts that culture can have tremendously important impacts. If you do not see cultures as fundamentally different - as multiculturalists - you see all differences of economic and educational attainment as the result of racism. The Heather MacDonald article you can access by clicking the title of this blog provides statistics that should make multiculturalists and those who attribute achievement gaps to the racist nature of America think twice.

MacDonald relays that out-of-wedlock births per unmarried hispanics happen at the rate of 92 per 1000. That compares with 28 per white women and 22 for Americans of Asian descent. This alone can account for poor educational and environmental attainment of Hispanics. Ditto for blacks who have 68 per 1000. The teen birth rate is 93 per 1000 (nearly one in ten) for Americans of Mexican descent and 27 per 1000 for whites. These stats account for poverty. When one considers that it is a competitive world, we must compare it to Japan's teen pregnancy rate of 3.9 per 1000 and be worried about anyone in America, no matter their background, competing.

The culturist bottom line is that cultural norms are flexible. The real problem behind the Hispanic family breakdown is that it is considered normal. Having a baby as a teen without a father is a point of pride for all involved. If multiculturalists want to celebrate teen preganancy out of wedlock and low educational expectations in our country they are nihilists. Culturists hold that such behavior may be fine in Mexico. But preserving our way of life requires we education and write laws to show that our culture says no to such cultural norms domestically.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Remember the Alamo

Voice of The People announced a July 4th, 2008 rally to be held at the Alamo this week. More information can be found by clicking the title of this blog. The reason for having a rally about Rembering the Alamo is to reaffirm our sovereignty. It is a good idea because it reminds us of the importance of demographics. Texas fought for independence because the culture was Anglo, not Mexican. Being ruled by the Mexican government under such circumstances did not make sense. Demographics are very important. We must remember this lesson of history and so remember the Alamo.

To have the full effect we seek to have by remembering the Alamo, we must also remember the Gadsden Purchase. Many people of Mexican descent in our land think the South West was subsequently "stolen" by the U.S. in the Mexican American War. Such a sentiment is not likely to lead to loyalty on their behalf or American stability. To counter act this we must remember that Santa Anna, who was defeated in the Texan War for independence, sold us what is now Southern Arizona and New Mexico for $10 million.

The Gadsden Purchase is the best proof we have that the land was not "stolen." First of all, the Southern portion of these states were out and out sold. It was a legal transaction five years after the end of hostilities. No pressure was applied. Secondly, to say that you stole my land, but afterwards I sold you the rest does not make any sense. It is as if to tell police, "He stole my computer, but later I sold him the mouse and keyboard." Even if the land won in the Mexican American war was "stolen" (and it was not) the Gadsden Purchase land, the Southern portion of the southwest states, was undeniably sold. It is ours fair and square; no historical controversy.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Culturist Christmas

In all of your letters and when you meet people, remember to tell them Merry Christmas. Christmas contains the name of Christ. I am not a Christian as a matter of faith. Yet when I view world history, I am so glad that Christ was born. Our nation has Christianity at its core. When I think of Christ's influence on creating these United States, I give thanks. When you celebrate Christmas you celebrate that which has made our culture, traditions, and nation so strong and vibrant; simultaneously, you announce that you find love and redemption possible in the persons with whom you celebrate.

And, as to lead by example,


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Culturist Thought of the Day - South Korean Election

Lee pounded Roh in the Korean election. We can learn from others.

Lee swept to victory over Roh's successor due to domestic concerns. Roh ran a populist government. His message was tax the rich and give to the poor. One of his taxes was a 60% tax on profit from selling homes. He also disallowed loans to people who had 3 or more properties. These stopped construction and sales. People wouldn't sell and home prices soared.

Furthermore, Roh's tax increases were arbitrary. When people wouldn't sell because of taxes, he introduced a tax that penalized people for not selling. They had to pay a tax on potential profit! Few people wanted to do business in such a radical and unpredicatble atmosphere. The economy was tanking.

Populist politicians are dangerous. We should not take it for granted that we have a system that limits the president's ability to make law. In a multi-ethnic nation such as ours, populist leaders can be even more destabilizing. Korea not having diversity, they rode this one out. Cultural unity is not always a bad thing. Even the poor ended up voting against Roh's successor. Roh eneded up, for all the wrong reasons, being a uniter and not divider.

Culturist Thought of the Day - Language in the Post Office

Today I mailed a complimentary copy of culturism to ANTI-CAIR. The nearest post office is in a Chinese area of New York, and the workers there speak to their clients in Chinese and English. This is not a great evil, but it has destructive implications.

I have spent years of my life in countries where English was not the Lingua Franca. Learning a second language is efficiently motivated and fostered by the need to do small tasks. Were I in another country - where there would never be a translator - I would practice my words related to mail room situations before entering. That was easy because textbook chapters usually reflect some common situation and the words associated with it. One chapter will be about airports, another schools, another post offices, etc. Sending one even if you don't have to is an excellent way to practice the chapter lessons.

The implications of this post-office policy can be seen in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In that district it is difficult for a monolingual English speaker to get work as a teacher. It is very difficult to become a monolingual Principal. This causes resentment among people who see language stipulations as a "gringos need not apply" policy. Cultural maintanence programs that do not encourage learning English further balkanize our nation. I understand that it helps Principals and teachers communicate with their students and parents. But it also lessons the pressure for immigrants to learn English. Not requiring Spanish skills to teach in America would teach the very real lesson that to fully participate in the American system and economy, you need to learn English. Our unity, and quicker learning, are better fostered by making sure learning English is the target.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Culturist Thought of the Day - A Culturist Strategy Exemplified

Monday was the 104th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first powered airplane flight. About 1,000 people gathered to celebrate at their museum. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a culturist 11. Communities should celebrate their local heroes.

Kitty Hawk, N.C.'s museum and monument have brought them tourists. It has economic benefits. This museum surely employes some local people and fills hotels. This museum teaches children about industry and creation. It teaches them what great looks like. It provides a model to compete with that of musicians. This museum and monument also creates social capital; that is it connects people to others. Those involved in the celebration will have a memory in common and be more likely to trust eachother. Robert Putnam teaches us that this has health benefits, law and order benefits, economic benefits and more. Lastly, it is a teacher and source of social capital for all those in the Kitty Hawk and greater North Carolina area. The event is on their quarter. Certainly it must give them a great, deserved, sense of pride.

Culturism advocates that local communities find someone to celebrate and do so. Incorportate them into your existing parades. Build a statue; the statue should have a sign that fully explains what great achievements they did that are meritorious. Murals are great. Museums too! These activities give local artists, youths and citizens a sense of civic pride.

In conjunction with these local activities, the Federal government should create a "Statue of Responsibility." This statue would balance out the Statue of Liberty. This would teach all Americans an important civics lesson; liberty requires responsibility. This statue should be on the West coast, to bookend the other statue. There should be a design contest. The construction should be Federal is because of the cost involved in creating such a grand statue. This will bring great tourist dollars to a local economy. It will also teach a valuable culturist lesson to our nation and sense of cohesion for Americans.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Culturist Post of the Day - Affirmative Action

Hey All!!!

This is the first culturist post of the day. Notice how cleverly I avoid saying it is a daily post! : ) If you have a question that you'd like addressed in a culturist post of the day, find my contact info via and send it. Yesterday, Mr. Pope, (who I met via up affirmative action. Mr. Pope, you get the dubious honor of having inspired the first ever culturist post of the day! Thanks.

Culturism does not have anything against Federal Legislation aimed at fairness or perceptions of fairness. For example, in 1972 the Federal government passed Title Nine. This Act gave females equal access in sports. Years down the line, females playing sports does not seem unwomanly to us. It is a healthy and accepted part of being a girl. Male sports do not seem to be hurting. This was a great piece of legislation.

Affirmative Action is, however, problematic. It is based on the idea that society is racist or has been. It may have even been helpful at one point. But we are much better off, at this point, promoting a culturist message. That is to say, if an achievement gap exists cultural attributes of the group lagging likely account for it. Taking a culturist perspective offers more hope for closing the achievement gap than Affirmative Action does.

I have taught in inner-city schools. The outrageous behavior that transpires in some of them shames us all. Doing schoolwork is acting white and being tough precludes study anyways. We are at fault in that we have let the sort of chip-on-the-shoulder, tough guy mentality go unchallenged. We need to fight that sort of reasoning if we are going to see schools that are not war zones. Discipline and culturist messages are needed. These youth must be taught proper behavior. More importantly, they must be told that they should comply and not defy becaue they are investing in their own potential and that of the civilization they and their anscestors have helped to build.

Affirmative Action reinforces the understanding that society is racist. Since racism only explains a very small portion of the achievement gap, this focus cannot help much. Focusing on race is futile and also dangerous. Their is a lot more to be gained by modifying cultural attitudes than blaming others. Scholarships going to people, based on need and merit, is not a problem. But, equal schools require equal attitudes towards schools. Affirmative Action does tremendous damage because it diminishes subcultures' willingness to investigate their own culturist practices.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Culturism and Education

Culturism holds that majority cultures have a right to define, protect, and promote themselves. Multiculturalism says we have no core culture. If you look at international diversity, that is absurd. If you study history, that is absurd. The Western nations developed from Greece, to Rome, to Jesus, through the Dark Ages, the Englightenment and the Age of Revolutions, to now. We have a progressive coherent story in which the individual comes to the fore. Education in all nations socializes you into the culture into which you will live. We need to provide guidance to our young people. Multiculturalism does not provide guidance. Culturism gives us permission to do so.

Individualism, in excess, can also hurt education. When we have no core cultural mission all becomes about the individual. If you do not do your homework, it is only your own future and business. This does not enoble or inspire. Individualism means that everyone who does not get their individual needs met can sue the school system. Culturism holds that protecting majority culrue is a legitimate policy concern. Protecting the flexibility and solvency of schools is too.

Culturism also helps people distinguish race issues and cultural issues. Does the achievement gap show that society is racist or that cultural diversity matters? Multiculturalists do not really take diversity seriously. They are right that race is not a factor. But refuse to think cultural diversity seriously enough to consider that it might impact something as important as educational achievement. Culturism can make those who intimidate with abuse of the word racism, think twice.

In society culturism can also help us balance out the corrive affects the words multiculturalism, individualism, and racism have on discussions.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lessons from a culturist Teddy bear in Sudan

Culturism's definition includes majority cultures having a right to define, protect, and promote themselves. This means Sudan and Britain both do. (Genocide is not part of Sudanese traditional culture - but that argument is not so relevant here). This blog concerns the British teacher who was nearly whipped for naming a Teddy Bear "Muhammed" in Sudan.

Why was this Western teacher in Sudan? Was she trying to win hearts and minds? If so, she was following the multiculturalists refusal to acknowledge diversity. Deep down, multiculturalists say that we are all the same; if she explains the merits of our nuance and they explain the merits of theirs, we can all agree. But because cultural diversity really exists, her attempt to reach common ground did not work. Multiculturalists think diversity is epiphenomenal. Culturism takes diversity seriously.

Sudan is an Islamic nation. Islam has no separation of church and state. It is, as Forest Gump said of Vietnam, this whole other culture. Even if she is just teaching supposedly neutral language skills, does she not realize that literacy in Islamic countries is taught out of the Koran? The purposes and understanding of language are different? Naming a bear Muhammad is not just neutral and cute to them. Cultural differences are real. She should know what side she belongs on. She had no business teaching Muslim children in Sudan.

The Western world has a distinct core culture and tradition. Hopefully you are aware that the Greeks fought the theocratic Persians to safeguard their individualist orientation. Rome spread this vision. Jesus promoted individual salvation. There were the Dark Ages. Christianity helped make the individual conscience sacrosanct. We thus followed Jesus’ “rendering unto Caesar” line to have separation of Church and State. We instituted liberal democracies based on the cultural ideal of the reasoning, conscientious individual. This is not humanity’s historical lineage. It is not the Islamic or Asian vision. It is the Western vision. If you don't believe me click this post's title and think about asking the thousands of Muslims who now want the Teddy teacher killed.

Just as Sudan protects their culture, we need to protect ours. Protecting ours must be done in a way that does not undermine ours. We cannot start killing unbelievers or whipping them as Sudan does; that would destroy our traditions not save them. But not allowing more Muslim immigrants in, as they represent this whole other culture, would not undermine our culture. Muslim countries don’t let us bring in our people or ways. Non-Japanese cannot become Japanese citizens. Other countries use culturist principles to protect their cultural traditions and identity. We also have a right to protect ours. Letting in those who want the Teddy teacher killed may not be a good idea.

Multiculturalists will tell us that the West has no core culture. Britain is a multicultural state with no particular history. While Britain did not fight Muslims as long as the Spanish, they must be aware that Europe and Islam have been combatants for 1400 years. Certainly Britain has some diversity, but it is a Western country. It is not an Islamic nation.

The next time this teacher wants to teach children about Western culture and visions concerning the function of literacy, she should get a job in a Western nation. It will not upset an Islamic nation. It will not blur the lines of sovereignty. Her teaching will be culturally appropriate. She will be investing in the perpetuation of her own culture. And, if she stays out of Sudan, peaceful co-existence will not have to give way to strained international relations.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Culturism, the New Word

Culturism is a new word and book. It can disarm those who abuse the word racism in order to silence political opponents. It counterbalances multiculturalism's undermining of values and the ACLU's abuse of individualism to undermine our country's rights.

This is how culturism responds to the words racism, multiculturalism and individualism.

Racism, as you know, is used to silence all of those who would talk about the negative parts of cultural diversity. There is merit to concerns about racism. But we need a word that addresses cultural diversity and clearly does not refer to race. We must use the word culturism in order to have polite, meaningful, and rational policy discussions again.

Multiculturalists say they believe in diversity; culturists don't think they take it seriously enough. At heart multiculturalists think all cultures are interchangable and only refer to food, fiestas and fashion. Culturism, the book, looks at the Aztecs and headhunters to show how diverse cultures can be. But 9/11 should have put us on notice that all cultures do not prize democracy, individualism, female rights and other parts of Western culture. The word culturism indicates a person who thinks culture and cultural diversity are real and significant.

Individualism is the third word. Culturism seeks to promote individualism realistically. If our culture does not survive, individualism and individual rights will be discontinued. Individual rights being used to protect anti-social behavior can go to destructive extremes. The culturism chapter on U.S. history shows that morally guiding and safeguarding our society is a tradition of ours. Our safety is enhanced by remembering our culturist traditions.

Culturism's definition holds that majority cultures have a right to define, protect and promote themselves. Islamic and Asian nations already do. The question here is if Western cultures have the right to define, protect and promote themselves.

Fight abuse of the word racism, question multiculturalism, safeguard individualism, USE CULTURISM - TELL PEOPLE YOU ARE A CULTURIST!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

How to Debate a Multiculturalist, If You Must

My cleaned up responses to a typical multiculturist are below. You can figure out what his concerns were from my replies. My responses show how a reasonable culturist can respond to an outraged multiculturalist.


You define racism as structural oppression and so say America is racist. Your concerns have merit. We should make sure that economic and educational opportunity are as available to everyone as possible. If we find an bank that does not lend money to people simply due to their race, that bank should - in my opinion - be fined. Racism can divide us, creates bitterness and is dangerous. We need to do what we can to combat racism.

However, you greatly underestimate the power of culture. I live in America. Here, the lower academic achievement rates of Latinos and Blacks often gets cited to boslter your claim that ours is a "structurally racist and oppresive" society. This conclusion is partially based on the correct idea that differing levels of achievement don't have anything to do with race. But people who then conclude that America is racist and oppressive routinely fail to consider the possiblity that culture is important.

Culture is important and can account for different levels of achievement. Kids in Tapei do much more homework than white kids in Minessota (Harold Stevenson's work). Individuals vary, but some cultures value educaton more than others. That can be seen objectively in statistics on drop-out and teen pregnancy rates as well as hours spent doing homework. Even if there was no racism anywhere in the world, cultural diversity would result in very different levels of educational and economic achievement. Acts of individual racism exist, but the achievement gaps are almost entirely the result of cultural diversity.

Multiculturalists say that they believe in diversity. They think it relates to food, fashion and festivals. But they don't think cultural diversity could possibly account for something as important as economic or educational achievement. Multiculturalists think diversity is shallow. Culturists know that cultural diversity is not only cute and inconsequential.

Culturism's anthropology chapter and looking at world events show us that not all cultures value individualism, female rights, fighting racism, the separation of church and state, an achievement ethic or even democracy. You say embracing humanism is the way to get out of wars. If all other cultures were to stop competing, I'd be happy to. The fact is that Islam is competing with us ideologically and China is competing with us economically. Our values are not universal norms and so cannot be taken for granted. Because diversity is real, culturism is necessary.

Sometimes a group's statistics do cause innocent individuals to be singled out. That is unfortunate. But denying that cultures have traits that should be addressed and calling society racist does not help. When statistics show muslim terrorism has stopped, we can stop profiling at airports. When Latinos do better in school, we can stop having programs designed to help them. Unfairly stereotyping individuals is a legitimate concern, but ignoring cultural diversity doesn't help subcultures and endangers Western nations.

Finally, culturism and nationalism are not the same thing. Nationalism is content-free. Western culturism relies on Western cultural traditions through the ages to ground itself. Nationalism coud be used to advocate actions, such as genocide, which violate our cultural traditions. Culturism has deep philsophical and historical traditions, achievements and standards to uphold and honor. Nationalism is shallow and sometimes dangerous. Culturism provides ethical guidelines and is necessary for our safety and success. Nationalism and culturism are not synonymous.

Muslim Assets Purchases

This post is in response to a report of Dubai buying American assets. It can help illuminate some of the uses of a culturist perspective.

We have to be able to use culturist common sense concerning foreign purchases of our assets. Cultures are important. They affect action. In our salutary concern about being racist we have dedicated ourselves to being blind to culture. This is dangerous.

If Muslim countries or citizens of those countries want to buy shoe stores we should have no problem with that. If they want to invest in our real estate market we should have no problem with that either. Neither of these involve national security risks. But we should NOT allow Muslims to have anything to do with the airline industry or our ports. Muslims should not be allowed to work at nuclear facilities. They should not be border agents. This is not racist, it is culturist. Racism is evil, culturism is necessary.

If Muslim countries or people from them want to invest in America we should not have a problem with it. But building mosques is not an investment. Just as Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations forbid building churches, we have a right to forbid foregin funding of building mosques. If local people want to build one it should be allowed. Forbidding citizens to practice the religion of their choice would run counter to our traditions. But the foreign funding of mosques in our nation is not an investment, it is an act of cultural aggression. We are not a neutral place. We have a core culture to protect. Just like Saudi Arabia, we have a right to protect our culture.

This is not racism. It is culturism. We have wisely decided to try to eradicate racism in our country. But this effort, combined with our idea that rights are without context and universal, has led us to not be willing to discriminate on the basis of national origin, religion or political affiliation. We are committed to being blind to a host of very important variables based on the idea that culture is not important. All people do not believe in Western ideals of democracy and rights, hard work and respect for women. Because cultural diversity is real, culturism is necessary.

There are areas where the cultural background of the investor is not important. But where national security is at stake we must be permitted to employ culturist common sense.