Thursday, September 23, 2010

Culturist Brooklyn Tea Party Defined !

The Brooklyn TEA Party challenges your Tea Party to be culturist too !! Denounce the mosque!! Support Arizona's Immigration laws !!! CO-SPONSOR OUR OCT. 10th CULTURIST RALLY !!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Brooklyn Tea Party Rallies !!

         The Brooklyn TEA Party rallied this last Sunday.  Here is some coverage.  

         Two corrections!  Though at Kosher Hut, we meet in Gravesend, not Midwood at 2 pm each Sunday.  Also, I count more than 40 assembled and we kept the numbers fluctuating like this for over three hours!  

           Regardless, it is a very prettypicture.

          The whole, article with expandable photos, can be found by clicking HERE ! - 

Thursday, September 16, 2010




Walk down Bay Ridge Ave to get there

Hear Candidates Who Pledge To:

1.           Fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment, Freeze Spending and Hiring, and Overturn ObamaCare.
2.           Fight the Ground Zero Mosque
3.           Support Arizona’s Immigration Law.

                                      - Speakers Include –

- Dan Halloran - member of the New York City Council, 19th District
- Betsy McCaughey – Lieutenant Governor of New York (1995 – 1998)
- Roger Blank – Candidate for the House of Representative in the 14th District against Carolyn Maloney
- Andrew Sullivan - Fox and Friends Guest, Ground Zero Rally Speaker and Blue Collar Corner Blogger
- Susan Kone- Candidate for the House of Representatives in the 8th District against Jerry Nadler
- Frank Santarpia - President of the Staten Island Tea Party
- Satya Dosapai -  Human Rights Watch
- Bob Turner -Candidate for the House of Representatives in the 9th District against Anthony Weiner
- John Press – President of the Brooklyn Tea Party, author of the book Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future


We meet at 2 pm every Sunday at Kosher Hut at 709 King’s Hwy

Join our Brooklyn Tea Party Group Facebook Community with the above logo

Saturday, September 11, 2010

NYC Candidates' Forum - Culturist Perspective

Brooklyn Tea Party leader Culturist John Narrates this NYC Candidates' Forum.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why is Culturist John Such a Jerk??

          Pamela Geller asked that people bring flags rather than political signs to her 9 - 11 protest against the Ground Zero mosque.  In fact, she originally said she'd confiscate anything other than flags.  Furthermore, she said terrible things about the August 22nd Anti-Mosque rally at Ground Zero.  And, I want to bring a sign that says, "Stopping Sharia in America is Culturist not Racist."  

       I respect Pamela.  She is a relentless anti-Jihadist and I have seen her at a million rallies.  But at none of those events were we in the audience told what to say.  I have a gut reaction against all who would stifle the voice of the public.  But respecting Pamela, I assume there must be some good served by not letting the people vent their spleen as they see fit.

       If I get it, Pamela argues that it is more sensitive to 9 - 11 families to bring flags.  I think crowds battling the enemy head-on with signs that say "No Sharia Here" will do more to lift 9 - 11 families' feelings than indulging in vague patriotic platitudes.  To me, identifying the enemy and saying "never again" respects the victims.  I know at least some 9 - 11 families feel the same way.

       So when Pamela's people ask me to put away my sign, should I?  Is there something I am missing?  Am I being a jerk?  I think this rally should represent the same defiance of Sharia than all the others.  Perhaps that defiance will come from the speakers.  Perhaps there is strategic point I am missing.  I plan on bringing my sign.  Should I?  Would my bringing a sign prove that I am a big jerk?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Muslim Wants Culturist Discrimination Against Muslims in the Military

Through a wave of conflicting and ironic multicultural platitudes, Private First Class Nasser Abdo has made the case for, at very least, discriminating against Muslims in the military.  Abdo joined the military in April of 2009.  Since then, he has filed for conscientious objector status because, he says, one cannot be true to their Muslim faith and fight for the U.S. in Afghanistan.  He is right.  Private Abdo’s case perfectly illustrates why the military must drop multiculturalism and employ discrimination.[i]

Abdo’s multicultural hypocrisy is common when he claims that he was irrationally discriminated against while simultaneously asking for special treatment because his cultural differences are so significant that we should pay attention to them. When facing any discrimination, after calling you racist, multiculturalists claim that culture provides no rational basis for discrimination.  Multiculturalists, you see, do not really take culture seriously.  But, they then turn around and tell you that culture is very important when they want special treatment.[ii] 

Either we should take culture seriously or we should not take culture seriously.  Aldo makes a powerful case for discrimination when he tells the media that fighting in the US military runs counter to his “maintaining his Islamic faith.”[iii]

Of course, I do not hold out much faith that we’ll learn Abdo’s lesson.  Even after US Army Majory Nidal Hassan killed 13 people on a military base in the name of Islam, the military continues to enroll Muslim into its ranks. That is because politically correct multicultural thinking forbids all historical and logical thought that question its precepts by calling such thought intolerant, racist, and discriminatory.[iv]

Abdo showed just how completely multiculturalism has destroyed our ability to think when no one laughed at the obvious falsehood of his statement that, “Islam does not allow me to operate in any kind of warfare.”[v] In no forum has he been asked about the concept of Jihad.  Even Fox News blithely avoided editorial commentary on his quote that “"Islam is a peaceful religion, it's not a religion of warfare." And so, multicultural logic dictates that 1400 years of Islamic military expansion from Spain to India to 9 – 11 must be ignored to further the idea that all cultures adhere to the same values.[vi]

If we have any hope for learning about cultural diversity, it will have to come from Islamic media.  All non-Western nations assume a culturist, rather than a multiculturalist, perspective. They routinely take their culture’s side in textbooks, international diplomacy and, even, television.  While Aldo claimed that universal culture-neutral precepts embodied in Islam prevented him from being violent in our media, he told Al-Jazeera he wanted out of the US military because Islam told him he was, “forbidden to kill Muslims.”  The implication, of course, is that he could kill non-Muslims. [vii]

Wanting it both ways, again, multiculturalists often take the globalist tact of invoking the “world community.”  Abdo advocated stopping war in the Middle East by “coming together as a community and portraying Islam as the peaceful religion that it is.”  In this explanation he calls the Islamic community his community.  But immediately after he claimed we need “a spiritual approach, the community approach, the diplomatic approach” for peace in the Middle East.  Herein the world community has no sides.  Again, with multiculturalists and their globalist brethren, in one sentence culture exists and the next minute it melts away.  

Notwithstanding Abdo’s historical and cultural ignorance, the military must assume that the very fact of War negates the ideal of the “world community.”  The military, by its very nature, cannot entertain such multicultural pap.[viii]

When Private Abdo told his people via Al-Jazeera television, “I Don’t believe I can involve myself in an army that wages war against Muslims” he provided a slew of valuable culturist lessons. Cultural identity is important and conflict between civilizations persists.  This statement also gives lie to multiculturalists’ universal “global community” sentiment.  And, since the West’s wars will likely be against Muslims for the foreseeable future, Aldo’s honest and truthful estimation of the influence of culture on the individual provides adequate justification for keeping Muslims out of our military.[ix]  

For good measure, Abdo complained that in the military, “There were racial slurs.”  Well the obvious fact of the matter is that there were no racial slurs.  Abdo is white.  If there were slurs they were about his religion.  And religions are not races.  We can clear up this dangerous conflation by using the word “culturist.”  The slurs referred to his culture, not his race.  We should thank Abdo because he has not only shown us the irony in multiculturalists not wanting to consider culture unless they want special treatment, he has shown us how spurious their charges of racism are.

As a culturist, I concur with Private Aldo.  He and the Islamic Fort Hood massacre demonstrate that Muslims should not be in our military.  But to make this a policy, the military must drop multiculturalism’s blindness to culture in favor of culturism.  As its very reason is fighting conflicts between civilizations, the U.S. military cannot safely entertain the multicultural platitudes that have crippled civilian discussion and reasoning.  The military must separate irrational racism from rational culturism. Private Aldo declared that he could not, “Serve both the US Army and his God simultaneously.”  We must listen to Private Aldo.[x]  

John K. Press, Ph.D. is the author of the Book, “Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.”  www.culturism has more information about culturism.

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