Friday, March 28, 2014

Why Kobe Bryant is my Favorite NBA Player

I love Kobe Bryant because I love the Lakers.  But, whereas some Lakers have made that equation difficult to maintain, Kobe makes it easy.   He has consistently been a patriot, talking on and on about his pride in representing America in the olympics.  As such, I have written about my love for Kobe Bean Bryant before.

But now Kobe, this culturist MVP, has come out against the Miami Stinkers' knee-jerk, race-based support for Trayvon Martin.  Kobe was raised in Italy.  Kobe avoided liberal indoctrination.  Not only is Kobe a great basketball player and exemplar of the Protestant Work Ethic, he is as patriotic as anyone who reads this blog.
Read about Kobe and Trayvon  HERE and cheer!!



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Culturism, Mexicans, and the Ukraine

America has the same situation with Mexicans as the Ukraine has with Russia!  Culturist common sense tells us that borders should, to the extent possible, reflect cultures.  If a nation has many different cultures a civil war is not so likely to start.  But, if a nation hosts two huge cultural groups the potential for conflict is high.  This is especially true if one cultural group belongs to a neighboring nation.

The Ukraine exemplifies the latter, and most dangerous, situation.  The Crimean region of the Ukraine is culturally and linguistically Russian.  They are concentrated along the Russian border.  This is a formula for a civil war that will drag the neighboring nation in.  

America has the very same situation with Mexicans!  They are connected on our southern border with Mexico.  Worse yet, we had a war with Mexico over the same territory, so they think they have a claim to it.  Just as Russians identify more with Russian than Ukraine, Mexicans identify more with Mexico.    This is not racist - Ukrainians and Russians are both “white” - it is culturist.

Mexicans will  naturally feel loyalty towards Mexico.  This is why Mexican majority states will neither introduce nor enforce border laws.  This is why Mexican majority states will never stop the hemorrhaging of remittance dollars back to “their country,” (Over 22 billion in 2011).   In fact, even before a civil war, to have a huge alien group from the bordering nation is to have lost sovereignty over your nation.

In 1953 we had Operation Wetback to push the Mexicans back into Mexico.  That is no longer viable.  We need to enforce border laws, end dual citizenship and stop remittances to force people to choose which country they want to belong to.  And, we need culturist curriculum because multiculturalism teaches one to maintain pride in being “Mexican” by race. Culturist curriculum will teach pride in identifying with America's traditional majority culture and story. These measures will lower the possibility of war.

So, yes, the Ukraine is in anger of having a civil war.  Even if we were to stop Russia from invading, the cultural split means the tension there will never stop.  For that reason, I say there will be more stability if we just let Russia have the Crimean.  But, rather than worry about Ukraine, we should spend our time considering what the culturist laws in play bode for us.