Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Woolwich Beheading and the End of Islamophobia

As you know, recently two Muslim men beheaded a British soldier, in the name of “Almighty Allah,” in London.   In the name of the slain soldier, Lee Rigby, we must insist that all political correctness stop now.  Every person who uses the tired, dangerous phrase, “Islamophobia,” is complicit in the killing of Lee Rigby and must be confronted as such.
A phobia is an irrational fear.  But, Islam is a violent ideology that celebrates Jihad.  One of the killers’ Muslim names means, ‘Holy Warrior.’  To fear adherents to a violent ideology, of holy war, is not irrational; it is the very essence of the most rational of instincts, that of survival.  And those who would demonize our survival instinct are complicit in the murder of all victims of Jihad.
If someone uses the term, ‘Islamophobia,’ in your presence, yell at them, “Was Lee Rigby ‘Islamophobic’ as his Muslim killers approached him with a large knife after hitting him with a car?”  Scream out of anger!  “It is not irrational to fear people who are trying to kill you!”  Scream out of self-preservation!  Because this term ‘Islamophobia’ may literally kill you as it threatens your civilization.
Every time you go to an airport, you must go through heavy searching no matter what your demographic.  This massive inconvenience happens because we do not wish to appear Islamophobic.  Thus we risk our lives rather than deal with the fact that diversity exists and includes hostile, large, predatory, violent ideologies.  So to save your life, scream at those who use the term, ‘Islamophobic,’ “Were the people in the 9/11 planes Islamophobic during the hijacking?”
While you are at it, please scream violently at anyone who calls you ‘racist,’ when you mention Islamic violence and Jihad.  It is not funny.  The Muslims who inflicted holy war on the Boston Marathon were white.  Noting cultural diversity is rational, not racist.   Culturist profiling of Muslims at airports is neither racist nor, can it be argued after the beheading of Lee Rigby, Islamophobic.
The killing of cartoonists and filmmakers illustrates the danger Islam poses to our values.  Weekly worldwide Jihad proves Muslims’ willingness to kill for their ideology.  Think of the real danger posed by Islam; think of the victims around the world; imagine someone calling Lee Rigby’s widow and child ‘Islamophobic,’ if they – in their horrible grief – criticize Islam; – and scream at them as if your life depended on it.  In fact, it does.