Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The TSA, Multiculturalism, and Thanksgiving

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has created long lines using controversial body scanners to protect us from Islamic terrorism.  But multiculturalists have so cowed us that we will not mention Islam.  If we ever wish to have a pleasant and safe Thanksgiving again, we must replace multiculturalism with culturism.

If you point out that cultural diversity is real, multiculturalists always call you racist.    We do not have culturist profiling in airports because they will call us racist. The key to disarming them lays in noticing how multiculturalists tyrannize us by leaping from discussions of cultural diversity to cries of racism.

If you want security, rights, and short lines you need only scan people with Arabic sounding names who have ties to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, or Afghanistan.  Period. 

Instead, we go to great lengths to demonstrate our blindness to the import of culture by patting down Mom from Minnesota, Vinnie from Brooklyn, three year old children and nuns to show the multiculturalists we are not racist.

But the propensity to terrorism does not stem from genes or skin color; it has nothing to do with race.  Islamic terrorism comes from the tenet of Jihad within the Koran.  Whereas Jesus overtly detested any violence, Muhammad led over 60 military campaigns. 

Multiculturalists and Muslims, of course, denounce the assertion that all religions are not the same as racist phobia.  They express outrage at all who would suggest that cultural diversity is real. 

So to show we take no notice of culture, we risk our lives.  After all, proving that we do not believe cultural differences exist ultimately requires letting many young Pakistani males through customs unchecked.

If Muslims in America were truthful, they would admit that their religion has produced all of the thousands of terrorists attacks in the world since 9 -11.  To show appreciation for their recent immigration here they would submit to the inconvenience of extra security checks.  This would endear them to all Americans.

But, as with so many in western societies, Muslims use rights to protect anti-social behavior.  All attempts at using cultural information incur aggressive lawsuits over racism from the Council on American - Islamic Relations.  As a result, the Muslim presence in America means that all us Americans must have our rights greatly abridged.  As a result, their freedom reduces ours.

Fear of multiculturalists calling us racist not only endangers us physically, it cows our spirit by making us accept that terrorists will forever bully us and dictate our rights on Thanksgiving.  By distinguishing rational culturist profiling from irrational racial profiling, we can disarm the multicultural logic the terrorists use against us wwand salvage the freedoms for which we give thanks. 

John K. Press, Ph.D is the President of the culturist Brooklyn Tea Party.  He is also the author of the book Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.  www.culturism.us has more information.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Throw David Stern Out of America and Out of the NBA !

David Stern, the Commissioner of the National Basketball Association (NBA), represents all that is wrong with the globalist mindset and should be kicked out of America and the NBA.  When a guest on Steven Colbert’s show Stern referred to US citizens as “you Americans.”  He then declared that he is not an American, but an “internationalist.”   When asked if he were an American, Colbert noted that he, “had to think about it.”[i] Stern, an “internationalist” running the “national” basketball league is symptomatic of the globalist mindset of the ruling class that plagues us all.

A globalist rather than a culturist, I suppose Stern takes no sides in the world.  When the Taliban blow up girl’s schools, he is for both sides!  When 9 – 11 happened, he did not see a clash of civilizations, merely a plane from nowhere hitting a building that could have been anywhere!  As China buries us in debt and suppresses speech, as the Egyptians slaughter Christian Copts, he expresses no affiliation.  He doesn’t identify with any culture in particular.  The Olympics must have been boring for him. 

We can see Stern’s contempt for culture in his new technical foul rule.  Starting this season, players can get penalized for expressing emotion or complaining.  And so in his perfect world corporate office sterility and decorum control all actions.  Stern does not desire to see or understand cultural expression.  Stern is “notorious for being a ruthless capitalist.”[ii] Profit does not come from inefficiency.  Money has no loyalty.  It notices nothing, not Jihad, not criminal Mexican gangs terrorizing Americans, nothing that does not impact on the bottom line. 

Colbert mentioned that the sport has gone international with the Chinese player Yao Ming.  Yao’s contract was negotiated by the government of China.  China engages in unfair and illegal trade policies.  It kills protesters and suppresses Christianity.  China doesn’t have free speech or Democracy.  But Stern is not a culturist. He has no allegiance to western culture.  Rather would be just as happy in China.  He would be just as happy to see American companies go there as stay here.  It is all the same to him.[iii] 

Typical of the globalist elite, Stern seems to have no connection to his product either.  He has never played in a basketball league at any level. He has no connection to the sport other than being its legal counsel on drug testing and salary cap negotiations.[iv] Yet, through the logic of modern money’s dominance over all other considerations, he ends up being in control of the basketball and its rules. 

Stern and his class have no allegiance to America. When the Phoenix Suns’ management made their team wear jerseys protesting their State’s immigration laws, Stern backed the protest.[v] Top-down, the players became forced to mouth the company’s political line.  And the team badmouthed the very population it represents in favor of an international perspective. 

For having no allegiance to America and for shipping our jobs overseas, capitalists of Stern’s ilk should be forced to live outside of the western world.  Shy of that, for his lack of allegiance to the fans, players or basketball, Stern should be kept away from the American basketball courts in our National Basketball League.  

John Press, Ph.D. is the President of the Brooklyn TEA Party and the author of Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.  www.culturism.us has more information about culturism.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Culturist Handout


Culturism (cŭl-ch́әr-ĭź-әm) n. 1. The philosophy, art and science that values, manages and protects majority cultures. 2. A philosophy which holds that defining, protecting and promoting majority cultures should be legitimate policy considerations. 3. The study of culturism.

Culturist (cŭl-ch́әr-ĭst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism.   2. One who engages in the art or science of managing and protecting majority cultures. 3. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy. - adj.

Culturist Policy Implications:

1) Choosing immigrants on a cultural basis.
2) Culturist profiling of airline passengers. 
3) Having disparities in achievement point to cultural patterns and responsibility, not our society’s racism and the need for redistributive social justice. 
4) Using the horrid marriage pattern changes to reinsert cultural considerations into policy.
5) Knowing we are not a culturally neutral nation, stopping the funding of Pakistan and Palestine, as well as keeping Turkey out of the EU. 
6) Allowing American to address the specter of Islamic terrorism by name.
7) The words culturism and culturist can challenge the multiculturalists’ claim that our nation has no traditional identity, denounce Sharia and other foreign practices.
8) In challenging multiculturalism you can argue for a western-centric curriculum and assimilation.
9) American culturism provides a basis for pro-social values.
10) Open up national dialogue by doing all of the above while not being constantly accused of talking about race!!!

Table of Contents and Highlights

                  - Definition, relativism, individualism, and globalism
- Puritan thought, Manifest Destiny, the 1924 Immigration Act, Japanese Relocation.
- Cultures begin with stories, have impact, compete, and exist on land and in minds.
                  - Noble savage debunked, war statistics, headhunters, environmentalism
                  - Western heroes, continuity of values from Plato to Jesus to Freud, culture wars
                  - Amoebas, borders and our brains being designed to absorb culture
                  - Culture’s have thoughts, Gangs, the joy of rooting for teams
                  - Plato and Aristotle’s philosophy was political, the Enlightenment and abstract rights
                  - Comparing the pros, cons, and risks of both
- Repeal dual citizenship, prevent remittances, back the FCC, bring meaning back to naturalization processes, the list above, and more!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Angela Merkel Rejects Multiculturalism Nearly Embraces Culturism

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has definitively announced the failure of multiculturalism in Europe.[1]   Thus she has come much closer to adopting te positive value system of multiculturalism’s opposite, culturism.   While her speech represented a great leap forward for culturism, the full impact of culturist realizations will not come until she understands the impact of history on culture.

Multiculturalism’s failure results from its total failure to acknowledge diversity and that nations have traditional majority cultures.  The mandate to ‘celebrate diversity’ requires that we ignore culture’s real impact.  Merkel’s denunciation of forced marriages recognized that other cultural patterns exist.   And indeed levels of crime and government dependency clearly are also higher amongst some immigrant groups than others. 

But the depth of harm does not lie in such statistics, but in basic cultural outlooks.  Germany has a culture that respects education and discussion.   Psychologist Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist, spent time studying Muslims in youth prison.  He found that rather than handling conflict via dialogue, Muslim youth consider it proper to settle disputes via “physical revenge.”[2] 

The cultural tendency toward solving disagreements via violence has manifest in violent mob actions such as burning tens of thousands of cars in Paris, attacking German youth in schools, and worldwide violence over Danish cartoons portraying Muhammad. 

Sane immigration policy requires noting cultural differences.  It is culturist, not racist, to acknowledge that wherever many Chinese move, they excel in school and set up Chinese areas that become tourist attractions.  Wherever Muslims move they make the schools rougher and create no-go zones.

In noting that other cultures have honor killing, violent ways of settling disputes, and antipathy towards free speech, Merkel has come a long ways towards noting that Germany (and the West generally) has a traditional majority culture.  An implication of her acknowledging diversity is recognizing that the West alone stands for democracy, freedom of speech, the relative separation of Church and State and the sanctity of the individual.

Now that Merkel acknowledges that culture is important and has implicitly acknowledged that Germany has a majority culture, she must make one last step in achieving culturist awareness.  She must recognize that Islam has been aggressively trying to conquer the West for 1400 years.  History travels with cultures.  Even if Chinese immigrants had the same anti-social patterns as Muslim immigrants, their lack of historical animosity towards the West would render them less of a threat. 

Merkel has acknowledged that multiculturalism has failed.  As such she may now be willing to discuss cultural dynamics in general.  But only when she starts talking of the positive value of culturism, when she takes a western culturist stance, she can really make sound policy.  At that point she will know that she must stop Muslim immigration to the West and make sure her laws and schools openly protect and promote German heritage and western values.   


[1] http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/oct/17/angela-merkel-germany-multiculturalism-failures
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