Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Small Vacation, Audrey Russo and Jack Buckby

Culturist Readers,

I just finished a great radio interview with Jack Buckby and Audrey Russo.  It will be available in this space soon.

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Here are Six Basic Elements of American Multiculturalism (that impinge on elitism) from William Henry's 'In Defense of Elitism.' 

One - The idea that “fair” competition would result in demographically proportional sharing of society’s rewards.  And that any inequality therefore indicates racism.  

Two - The notion of equivalency of cultures.

Three -  Rejection of European heritage (responsible for most advances).

Four - Not believing the need for linguistic standardization (Spanish and black English).

Five - The idea that drugs and gang crime are reasonable responses to a bad situation.

Six - Doing well in school is acting white.

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All this to say, sorry that my vacation has limited my article writing as of late. Please enjoy my previous posts.  And, don't worry, the article deluge start again soon!

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Spread the words 'culturism' and 'culturist.'

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