Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Obama is Much Worse than Joe McCarthy

Last week Retired General Merill "Tony" McPeak, a co-chairman of Barack Obama's campaign, accused Bill Clinton of McCarthyism. He did so because Clinton off-handedly questioned Barack's patriotism. First of all, Obama's patriotism, even before it was found out that his hero says "God Damn America," is questionable and open to questioning. Secondly, Obama and his commrade's tactics are worse than McCarthy's.

McCarthy went after communists in our State Department. Bad people exist. Despite people's outrage at the suggestion, not all people love America. And working for the State Department is not a right. To work there you must be willing to have your background checked. McCarthy never went after people from the private sector.

Obama on the other hand, went after Imus for offending his sensibility. Obama attacks people in the private sector for humor! And Obama undermines our safety in areas of national security as well. We need to be able to talk about immigration, achievement gaps in areas of economics and education as well as the state of our popular culture. But whenever we speak of these issues in ways that offend Barack and his ilk, they shout "racism." They do this expressly to end the discussion and silence anyone who would disagree with them.

Obama needs be willing to talk about culture. He needs to back off of race baiting tactics. We can help him by using the word "culturist." That helps us separate cultural issues from race issues: culturism from racism. We need to have discussions concerning the sensitive issues listed above. Our national security depends upon it. Until we adopt this word, until we are able to have this sort of discourse rationally, the last thing we need is Barack Obama hypocritically fighting our free speech under the name of fighting McCarthyism.
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