Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Multiculturalists, Crime, Terror and Diversity!

Multiculturalists' slogan is "celebrate diversity" aids and abets terrorists. Under this paradigm rather than judge we must accept all cultures. Their take on diversity conceives of it as superficial; all cultures are equally American. The Institute Studies Institute begs to differ. As culturists, ISI believes we have a core culture and some people's beliefs are so diverse they offend Western ideals; some people actually hate America. Usually ISI celebrates Western culture. Today, they sponsored lectures about threats from those who seek to destroy the country we hope multiculturalists will someday also recognize as unique and worth defending.

Like many policeman Bob Fromme took a second job; his was guarding a tobacco store in his home state of North Carolina. Daily he saw groups of middle eastern men come into the store with big bags of cash. They would buy 220 cartons each. Fromme explained that a $75 carton of cigarettes costs $2 to make. Nearly all of the expense comes in the form of taxes. In North Carolina the carton only costs $17. These men would fill vans with cigarettes, remove the tax stickers, put fake ones on and sell them in their stores in other states. They would make $39,000 a day running this scam. They also did identity theft and credit card scams. They bribed bank officials with cash to get loans to start tobacco stores.

This might sound like a harmless, even helpful, scam - except for the fact that these men were sent here to discover a low visibility scam to send the money back to hezbollah. Up until September 11, 2001 they were the single biggest terrorist killers of Americans in the world. This organization has dedicated itself to destroying the only pro-Western nation in the Middle East - Israel. To this end they promote suicide killing and bombing of civilians. Though they have not been able to get exact figures, the guess is the tabacco smuggling ring sent $100 million dollars back to our enemies, Hezbollah. Fromme's investigation into this group led to fourteen other terror related cells. Not all immigrants love America.

Everyone of these men were from Lebanon. To get to America these men went to Caracas Venezuela and bought fake visas. They had to go to Caracas because hezbollah had blown up our embassy in Lebanon. Their leader pleaded political asylum. The airport people did not believe him, but procedures dictated he get thirty days in our country before a hearing. In the meantime he paid an American woman $3000 dollars to marry him. He was already married in Lebanon and married another woman simultaneously. They also bought identifications from middle Eastern students. To get family in they tried to bribe INS personel. This got the leader caught. At his time of arrest he had nine separate driver's licences. Not all people respect Americans and American institutions.

Multiculturalists will tell you that aberration does not represent the mainstream of Lebanon's wonderful culture. In order to avoid judging cultures, they reflexively define all negative parts as not being of the culture. To them no culture can be negative by definition. A speaker before Officer Fromme discussed how the muslim brotherhood, a violent group that preaches terrorism against the West and genocide of the Jews, come into somewhat neutral mosques and muscle out the moderates. They then turn the mosques into a centers of hate. This reminds one of how Muslims took over Lebanon. Lebanon used to be largely Christian, not any more. Multiculturalists will tell you that none of this behavior is part of Lebanese culture. Culturists are not so naive; letting Lebonese into our nation entails big risks. Many are dedicated to destroying all non-Muslims and moderate coreligionist. The ISI, Officer Fromme and other culturists understand that diversity exists and that this means we must value and protect our culture.
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