Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Culturist Lessons from Georgia

During this week of international Olympic harmony-through-competition, Russia has attacked Georgia! Oh the irony!! As war is hell, it is a terrible thing. But perhaps this timing can help to wake us from our multicultural slumber.

Russia may have felt threatened because it is being surrounded by NATO countries. Rumor was that Georgia might have joined. Whatever the reason, the attack is illustrative of the fact that raw power exists and some folks aren't PC. Russia just said, "Screw you, we're taking your country cause we can and we want to" and did it.

Our administration condemned this act. That's fine. And then they, and Obama, started blathering about taking this to the United Nations so that the "world community" can pass judgment. More than half of the world community members are serious gansta nations. And they only do, as culturists would expect, what is in their own interest. Any condemnation from the world community will be smothered in hypocrisy.

Americans seem to have forgotten the culturist fact that diversity exists. Not all people are progressive rights and democracy loving Westerners. Some people mean to do us harm. And not all nations are filled with humanists. Putin is KGB!! I'm sure that he has enjoyed torturing people many times. I doubt that not living up to our moral standards will cost him much sleep. Furthermore, he is being cheered at home. Diversity exists.

What should we do about it? An argument can be made that this naked aggression is like that of Hitler's and it should be checked. As a culturist I could almost be persuaded to agree with this course of action because the aggression is nominally on Western soil. But just as all of those rogue U.N. nations, we have to put ourselves first. As a culturist I recognize that rights are a Western ideal. If America falls due to debt incurred protecting Georgia, the rogue nations will take over and rights will disappear.

For Western nations want to sustain rights, they have to realize they are a Western concept. Our culture has traditionally been isolationist. We have traditionally been isolationist because we have realized that we are a sane nation in a world of insanity and evil. The minute our army goes off our soil we've already corroded our traditions. Rather than invading Russia because they are not upholding our values, we should remember that diversity exists, we're special and protecting America is the surest way to protect rights.
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