Monday, January 19, 2009

Our 20 Arguments Against Multiculturalism

Readers of this blog DAMIEN, EMPEDOCLES,DUCKY, Z and I came up with a list of arguments against multicultural education (ME). The list below makes it clear that we must stop multiculturalism and replace it with culturism. These arguments provide important intellectual weapons in this battle.

#1 – ME is offered as the cure for America’s having been an especially racist nation. Our accomplishments far outweigh our sins. ME slanders our good name.

#2 – ME greatly diminishes critical thought by greatly distorting global history and underplaying the lack of cohesion in western history.

#3 - ME has us sloppily making amends to people who we never discriminated against in any meaningful sense. We need not feel guilty to cultures that were not here to be discriminated against.

#4 – ME doesn’t really believe diversity is real. Multiculturalism teaches that, deep down, all cultures basically advocate variations of secular humanism.

#5 – ME allows Islam to use the schools to inculcate our children with their doctrine.

#6 – ME teaches that total equality is the natural state. ME then uses our inequality to argue for “social justice.” This implies we are unjust and need redistribution of wealth to correct for all existing inequality.

#7 – By teaching that our society is racist and unjust, ME turns resistance to participating in our society into a virtue. It thus especially hinders the education of minorities.

#8 – In a desire to create ethnic pride, ME falsifies the anthropological record. Early cultures were very violent. This misreading makes us cynical about progress and America’s historical mission.

#9 – ME blinds us to real evils in the world. It says that since all cultures are equally worthy of praise, attempts to distinguish between cultures is irrational racism.

#10 – ME becomes hypocritical the minute it makes any judgments. It thus undermines attempts to teach values.

#11 – Because western civilization has had an enormous influence on the world, ME teaches our culture is uniquely bad for disturbing indigenous cultures. Supporting western culture then becomes synonymous with advocating white supremacy.

#12 – ME denies that we have a core culture and thus undermines teaching western history. This makes us vulnerable to having no common cultural language to draw upon and encourages the forgetting of our heritage.

#13 – ME actually only acknowledges liberal values. Christian disagreement with gay marriage cannot be celebrated.

#14 – Undercuts schools’ universal and historic mission of socializing youth into the society in which they will live their lives. Schools thus lose their purpose.

#15 – Undermining our pride in our culture decreases our citizens’ desire to protect it. ME thereby puts us in a weak position in competition with cultures that create fanatical pride in their culture.

#16 - ME teaches that your ancestors' culture determines your identity and views. It thus diminishes freedom.

#17 – ME routinely confuses culture and race. It thus inhibits frank and realistic discussions about diversity.

#18 – ME divides us.

#19 - ME undermines critical thought by telling us we must celebrate all cultural attributes.

#20 – For all of the above reasons, multiculturalism threatens the survival of western civilization.

Culturism is the opposite of multiculturalism. It counters all of these grave evils. We need to identify as culturists to save western civilization.

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