Sunday, April 12, 2009

Culturist Reactions to Somali Pirates

The Diversity Lottery must be stopped to combat multiculturalism and internationalism. This immigration mechanism provides visas to nations with low levels of immigration to the United States. This program’s multicultural logic ignores that we have a culture to protect and thereby flaunts our sovereignty. Somali immigration exemplifies the cultural and physical dangers of such a policy. It invite a foreign and hostile cultures onto our shores. We should, at very least, stop Somali immigration until their piracy of our ships stop. Such culturist immigration policies would remind us that we have a culture as well as a duty and right to protect it.

Multiculturalism is an unthinking philosophy. It blocks thought by asking us to celebrate all cultures. President Obama’s formulation says we must “respect” all cultures. This means that we have no judgment towards them. This limits the use of our reason. It means that considering values, in fact, becomes a thought crime as it might invoke choosing some and not others. Our immigration decisions should consider mores, language, and the cultural ability to honor our Founding Fathers and the principles for which they fought.

Our asylum laws allow people into our nation based upon the concept of international rights. These ignore our sovereignty. But no international right to be in America exists. I have no international right to immigrate to China or be Chinese. Muslim nations restrict the inflow of non-Muslims. We are a western nation. We too have the culturist right to define, guide and protect our national identity. Since these nations refuse entry to all who don’t blend with their cultures, supposedly international rights only violate our sovereignty. Culturist immigration laws would reassert our ability to make decisions based on our needs, safety and culture.

We should ban all Somali immigration until the piracy stops. Then we should make a review of Somali culture, its compatibility with western culture and the progress towards assimilation of Somalis currently in the U.S. This would protect us and punish the Somali pirates. The multicultural idea of not noticing the Somali tendency towards piracy, attacks on U.S. interests and affinity for Jihadi warlords is dangerous. Not recognizing their polygamy, treatment of women, and female genital mutilation lends credence to the multicultural vision of diversity not being important. Not recognizing the enormous financial costs of caring for such a culture reifies the ignoring of economic realities in the name of “international rights.”

Banning Somali immigration would codify culturism. That is, it would legally acknowledge and privilege our western cultural identity. Symbolically it would restore the values and cultural touchstones of honor we have sought to emulate and protect. It would affirm a cultural base into which immigrants could strive to assimilate. It would also discourage their Somali’s brazen refusal to assimilate. It would end our multicultural confusion about our being an international entity on the order of the United Nations. Even if the immediate impact were not great, symbolically, culturist immigration policy would realign our relationship with the world, our immigrants and ourselves in a very healthy way.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And, of course, what you request makes nothing but perfect sense, and framed in a fashion that, in the 50s and early 60s would have been nothing more than common sense.

However, as you have so oft written and published, the Leftists, Socialists and multiculturists have hijacked this nation -- to the point that this entire post will be branded as naught but racist and religionist as it dares to point fingers (AGAIN, shout the Left) at brown people and at Islam.

You logic falls on multiple deaf ears. No one in my country has the courage to so state the obvious, publicly. Certainly not the Left, and, I'm sure you note, not ONE Republican.


Lexcen said...

Somali immigration to Australia has resulted in a large percentage of crimes being committed by Somalis. Of course you won't read about it because it would signify racism and Australian authorities don't condone racism. As a side note, I heard a scientist speak on terminology and stated that there is no such thing as races amongst human beings only a human species. In fact the only difference between humans is their CULTURE. The term "racism" has be misappropriated to apply to religion and other irrelevant categories as the need arises. Language is a very powerful tool and can be misused by those pushing their own agenda such as multi-culturalism.

Culturist John said...

Bloviator / Lex,

I have been trying, ever so tepidly, to branch out as to not only speak to the same deaf ears.

But herein is my hope, disparage it as you may, the word multiculturalism is a household thought. As such the opposite could spread quickly. It could reformulate debate. One way would be by overtly pointing out the difference between race and culture.

This is a free and easy method and could have a lot of impact and could, with just a few high profile mentions, change our national debates a bit.

It is frustrating, however, that not even IBA folks or others seem to pick up on the term. When I get my PhD I will try spreading the term via education circles.

Anyhow, WE MUST GET THE NATION BACK from the Leftists, Socialists and multiculturalists who have hijacked this nation (and the West). As it has hope I will continue with culturism as the opposite to multiculturalism.

If the "deaf ears" comment is to indicate that I might as well stop writing, forgetaboutit. Others can do their efforts, I will not give up.

Finally, yes, politicians (even Republicans) will be the last to go out on a limb. Academics are more likely to adopt such a term. Commercial media might also publicize it as scandal. But, yes, I must reach out beyond IBA and my blog somehow. All and any ideas are welcome!!!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Mr Press, I don't disparage you or your concept; the complete opposite, in fact. I can only hope, myself, that your word spreads farther and wider and that your blog and book reach a greater audience!


Ducky's here said...

Why would banning immigration have any effect on piracy?

Somali immigrants have been relatively successful in the U.S. and have not been prone to extremism.

Your premise makes no sense unless stopping the piracy has nothing to do with your goals.

Culturist John said...


Sorry to vent a bit. You gave me a video idea. When the direct sale "Declare Yourself a Culturst" video / essay comes out, it will be due to you! THANKS

DUCKY!! Good to see you! I was wondering if you got tired of gad flying and had opened your own shop or something. Your asking for clarification is appreciated.

If we cut off immigration from Somalia due to piracy, don't you think the government would put pressure on someone to stop it? I do. Immigration gives somali leaders clout and Jihadis access to American citizenship. Piracy money may not flow up to these powerful interests. Anyhow, it would impact most nations.

However, it may not. Some cultures have more governmental control than others. Some, like Japan, have more of a collective sense of shame. Some think piracy is wrong and not a source of glory. I cannot, with 100% certainty, predict the Somali reaction.

But, as you may have noticed, my emphasis is always on the domestic scene. Domestically, you claim the Somalis have been "successful" and leave it at that. I do not just count money. The cultural practices they have brought in, their dispersion and ties to Islamic extremism do not bode well for us. I would be shocked if you valued money more than anything. But your measure of success comes perilously close to being that of a rank capitalist.

That said, AAAaahh this is too long. Just making a distinction, for once, between us and another, would affirm that we have a culture. I think culture a very important consideration in life, safety, values formation and statesmanship.

But anyhow, as to your main point. I do believe it could have an impact on piracy. THANKS!!!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

CJ: and I'll be the first in line to PURCHASE a copy just as I purchased your book.

Hope the idea is a good one!


Ducky's here said...

If we cut off immigration from Somalia due to piracy, don't you think the government would put pressure on someone to stop it?

What government? Somalia has no government.

Culturist John said...

The Government is headed by President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed. Abdirashid Irro Mohammed is the Somali Minister for Commerce. Apparently they have some sort of government.

But even if they did not . . . power structures exist in societies. And, I'd guess that these pirates are not the self-trained top of the pyramid. Someone has the power to stop them. Even tribal warlords have affiliations. No person is an island.

sekhmetsat said...

Ducky, you obviously do NOT live around Somalis. The stories i could tell you.....

My biggest beef is the disrespect I get as a female, and I also own DOGS(THE HORROR!!!!!!).

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