Friday, May 15, 2009

Culturist Perspective: The Taliban Spreading

We should not accept refugees from Pakistan. That nation is descending into turmoil. In Pakistan the government is fighting an extremely important fight. The government gave the Islamic group, the Taliban, parts of the Swat Valley region in exchange for peace. Shortly thereafter, the Taliban showed what appeasement does and pushed to expand outside of the agreed upon borders. And their implementation of Islamic law, called Sharia, has been brutal. Beheading and the destruction of hundreds of girls’ schools exemplify the terror the Taliban Muslims seek to expand. 1.3 million people have been internally displaced by this struggle. As culturists we demand that all refugees be sent to Islamic nations, not western ones.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, has called for aid. We can send some aid, but had better not grant anyone from the region asylum. Why not? Well the brutality of the Taliban and their expansion tell us why not.
Multicultural globalists, take a generic view of humanity. They speak of “displaced persons.” But, culturists understand the importance of culture. If a significant percentage of those fighting in Pakistan did not believe in Islam and Sharia law, the war would have never reached this pique. Many people, without dispute, in Pakistan are willing to die for the imposition of repression we can barely imagine. Those displaced will include many of these numbers. Inviting them in means inviting in zealots for repression. These are not displaced persons. That is too generic. These are displaced Muslims.

Humanitarians will shriek at the idea that we recognize culture in times of crisis. “Humans are humans and have human rights!” they will declare. But, again, in rebuttal to these abstract idealists, culturists must point out the real world importance of culture. Diversity exists. Some people, the Taliban should make clear to you, do not embrace the specifically western values of freedom of religion, rights, democracy and freedom of speech. Many people do not believe women should be educated. And they are willing to die for this cause. They are called Muslims. And, therefore, if they are to be displaced they should be displaced within the Muslim world.

In international discussions humanitarians have a double standard. They are willing to acknowledge that there is a “Muslim world,” but not that there is a non-Muslim world. The west is not built upon Islamic foundations, we’ve been at war with Islam for nearly 1400 years. Our roots come from Jerusalem and Athens. Muslims do not allow diversity in their realm because they are culturist. They wish to exercise their right of protecting and promoting their Muslim vision. We have a corresponding right to protect and promote our vision. This requires knowing who we are. When we use “humanitarian” language, we lose sight of our specific past and cultural identity. We are members of the U.N. but we are not a world body. Muslim countries exist and we are not one of them. We, therefore, do not need to accept Muslim refugees.

In the end, a culturist refugee policy actually safeguards rights. We realize this when we see that “human rights” are really “western rights.” China, Iran and the Taliban, do not believe in our freedoms; only western nations do. To protect the vision of rights, you must protect the only nations that stand up for them. Importing folks with a disposition to fight against rights destabilizes us. If we descend into chaos, if we enjoy the division the Taliban Muslims have brought to Pakistan and Afghanistan, China will not follow our model. Watching such Muslim – inspired chaos spread would embolden the theocrats of Iran. If we want reform in Islamic nations we must let them deal with their own internally displaced populations. If we want reform in Islamic nations, we must make sure that we can solidly stand as a beacon of what stability and rights look like. To uphold our western vision, to uphold the western model of rights, we must be culturist.
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