Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An NYC Anti-Israeli Protest's Culturist Lessons

There was a dinner to support the Israeli Defense Forces at the Waldorf Astoria. Many people showed to protest it. We counter protested their protest!!!


Lexcen said...

On the surface we might choose to celebrate democracy but the underlying theme is that Islam uses democracy to destroy democracy.

Culturist John said...


Very interesting point. I was also wondering how my take on individualism in the West merged with my belief that people largely unreflectively take their culture as their own.

Many of the folks in this march (on their side) looked like old leftists. I thought that perhaps we could measure thought in individuals by seeing how many folks on each side had changed their minds about this issue. I have.

I think that they have recruited old 1960 echo folks who were anti-establishment. That is who I saw marching here. They too want to attack and humiliate the US at some level.

And, so, I agree that they wish to use democracy to destroy democracy. And, I note - without a whole lot of proof - who their bedfellows likely are.

Thanks, John

Anonymous said...

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