Friday, May 14, 2010

Multiculturalist Speaking Disorder

THIS VIDEO IS SO CLASSIC!! The Attorney General of the United States is such a multiculturalist that he cannot admit that a culture could have a negative effect (they are all the same and should be celebrated)! We cannot expect any culturist profiling or culturist immigration policies out of him soon! We must replace multiculturalism with culturism!!


Lexcen said...

I think it's important here to get to the core of this man's thinking. He refers to Islam as a religion. Those of us who know better, know that Islam is also a political system that is incompatible with democracy. This is the one single factor that is overlooked in defining the problem of how Islam is/might be a threat to western civilization.

Culturist John said...


You are very generous. I cannot believe that this man does not know or has not questioned the pap he is fed. He probably thinks that is it best not to shake a box of rattle snakes. Though I think history is obviously against him, he may actually believe that.

THANKS !! John

Durotrigan said...

How widespread is Eric Holder's stance in the USA? If such an attitude is commonplace, you are going to have serious problems on your hands.

I realise that many Americans place great store upon belief in God and religion in general owing to the USA's Puritan inheritance, but why do people such as Holder not understand that religions, like other ideologies, differ radically in their content and fundamental value systems? Religions provide much of the substrate for wider cultures and the dominant psychologies prevailing within them, and the dominant psychology fashioned by Islam is startlingly different from that found within Western societies.

It seems that many Christians in particular mistakenly think that Islam can't be bad, because it too is a monotheistic religion originating in the Middle East. The reasoning of the ignorant is thus that Mohammed must have been a man very much in the mould of Christ. This, of course, was not the case.

Western cultures face existential threats from two primary enemies: Islam and their own multicultural elites. The solution to both problems lies in a vigorous assertion of culturism in Western countries, in tandem with the development of moderate nationalist movements that value human diversity in the world as a whole, but seek to protect the integrity of their own societies’ cultural distinctiveness and inheritance.

Culturist John said...


I think Holder's views are VERY widespread. Multiculturalism is, after all, the dominant and legal policy position of the US. It holds that all cultures are to be celebrated and, at heart, the same.

I think this multiculturalism truism meme explains why so many people are unwilling to see evil or speak about it. And, I think it is the result of the efforts of the Frankfurt school of communists, part of the 1960s flower power idea, and an echo of our black civil rights movement because it made us afraid of all discrimination whatsoever.

I agree with our being under threat from our own ignorance too. What particularly gets my goat (as an ex-history teacher) is how historically ignorant we are. You do not need to go many pages into the history of the world since 622 to see the West has nearly been conquered by Islam. Those who, like Holder, cannot identify Islam have nearly zero historical understanding.

Thanks for the excellent use of the word "culturism." We need to spread that word (and "culturist) to win this rhetorical war against the thoughtless dominance of multiculturalism.

Thanks again, John