Sunday, June 6, 2010

RACIST OR CULTURIST? Simon Deng Speaks at 9 - 11 Mosque Rally


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

From the Department of Redundancy Dept:

CJ, Islam just wants to piss on our face in domination because it can, plain and simple. It isn't about culture or any of that crap; it's about domination. It's what Islam has historically done and will continue to do if unimpeded.

Islam has the mind of the thug: "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine unless you have the strength to stop me."


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

But who will LISTEN to this man, other than some of us on the internet? Who is PAYING ATTENTION?

Certainly not those in political power in NYC. Not at all.

Which is why we, you, me, must CONTINUE to point out the obvious to those who are naive and sheltered and incompetent.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Finally: video stolen. I've been writing a series of posts about Islam and I'd care to add this one as well if I might.


Lexcen said...

If people refuse to listen to what Ayaan Hirsi Ali has to say about Islam then why would anyone listen to Simon Deng or for that matter insignificant old Lexcen?
I found Simon's reference to symbolism interesting because that seems to me the most overlooked aspect of the war by Islam against the West.

Culturist John said...


I would say that Sharia and Jihad and the "piss on our face" are all a part of a culture. I am not sure how you'd define laws and customs out of the definition. And, furthermore, I don't think the desire to "P On Our face" defines all of Islam. We disagree. I think Islam is, among other things, a culture.

You are very welcome to use this footage. Credit for source and website reference would be appreciated. But if that doesn't happen, you're still welcome to the fruits of my labor. The politics being the most important reason for doing this. Also, please let me know when the project is up and visible.

And, BTW, I was optimistic after the rally. First of all, lots of ordinary folks had signs about Sharia. Secondly, lots of folks challenged politicians. We have a guy running for office speaking at our rally this Saturday that will call out other politicians for leadership.

But I needn't pep talk you OR LEX too much as ya'll both keep on a truckin' and contributing to public education.

Finally, LEX, was it the chicken symbol or the barricading? Which did you like? I loved the barricade one because it is so familiar. It is like on the subway when they say your bags can be searched randomly. DUE TO WHOM??

Thanks guys! John

Lexcen said...

John, I liked the barricading symbol, I'm not sure about the chicken because if it wasn't for the need to accommodate the Saudis in order to access their oil, the world would be a very different place.