Monday, July 5, 2010

Two Culturist American Thinker Articles !!

Hey All,

    I have two articles posted on American Thinker.  Click the titles in the paragraphs below to read them!  Then go click and comment.  PLEASE !!

   The first is called "George Washington -- The Culturist Father of our Country."  It analyzes his farewell address to make the point that he was a culturist.  And he was!  On national morality, unity, and foreign policy, he thinks in our traditional culturist mode.

    The second one concerns is called, "Culturists Oppose Another Mosque in Brooklyn."  It shows how the opposition to the Voorhies mosque looks like the South when black people were not welcomed into neighborhoods or schools.  But rather than racist, this is culturist!  We cannot let the fear of racism blind us to the importance of culture.

    PLEASE GO THERE AND COMMENT!!  I hope to show that an interest in culturism exists!!

    That is one activist step you can take today.  We need to challenge multiculturalism.  Floating an alternative word is a way to do so quickly and efficaciously at very low cost.

     THANKS, John
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