Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Culturism and Cultural Relativism - Domestically

Culturism: The philosophy and science that acknowledges, promotes, and defends traditional majority cultures.  

Some people hesitate to use and spread the words ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism,’ because they think they imply cultural relativism.  In a previous article, I showed that while scientific culturism doesn’t take sides internationally, western culturism does.  This article will look at culturism domestically.

Multiculturalists believe in cultural relativity.  They believe that Britain is neither Islamic, nor Thai, nor Hindu, nor English; it is a neutral space where lots of random cultures happen to co-exist.  British culturists recognize the fact that Britain has a traditional majority culture.   As such, culturism – unlike multiculturalism - is against cultural diversity domestically.

Volumes have been written on the content of western culture.  Here, suffice it to say that our culture has its roots in Athens and Jerusalem.  That is it is Enlightenment based and Judeo-Christian.  And, each western nation will have its own particular cultural heroes (King Arthur and Shakespeare in Britain, for example).   But, western culture is a specific and coherent culture.  It is not Islamic.  We do not celebrate Muhammad. 

Western culturism holds that democracy, freedom of speech, relative separation of church and state, respect for individual conscience, and women's rights are not universal values. These are values that the West nurtures and champions. While this may seem to be straying into topics of internationalism, the point is that our values are for us; Saudi Arabia does not have a right to build mosques in the West. Saudis are culturist, the West can be so too.
Western culturism is nestled. That is, that Britain lives within a larger context of European culturism. That is why the Nazis were evil. The Nazis contradicted everything that Socrates and Jesus stood for. Within the West we have specific values and we need to uphold them. Neither Germany nor Britain should violate our larger Western values. Culturism does not promote domestic cultural relativism.
The larger western context also restricts what is allowable in Britain. One might try to argue that parts of London are now traditional (majority) Islamic. But the existence of Islamic neighborhoods violates the larger tradition of British and western values; London being within Britain and Britain being with the West. So, unlike multiculturalists, culturists do not embrace domestic cultural relativism.
Ironically, being held together by a belief in individualism (among other values) western culture is hard to see; the Western culturist tradition puts limits on top-down cultural mandates. But the West has a traditional majority culture. We are against stupid theocratic systems like Islam (see the Greek-Persian Wars), and we are not Islamic (see the Crusades). Ours is not unlimited generic tolerance. It is western tolerance for western cultural expressions.
As outlined in my previous article, culturism does not promote cultural relativism internationally. Neither is it culturally relative domestically. Opposing multiculturalists, culturists acknowledge that the West has a traditional majority culture; Britain has a traditional majority culture. On British soil, only British curriculum, laws, and holidays should get official sanction.
Challenge the domestic cultural relativism of multiculturalism, spread the words 'culturism' and 'culturist.'

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