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Culturist Sex Positions


Sorry! This article will not show sexual positions; it will consider culturist positions on sex! It will tackle the problem that 41% of American, 47.3% of UK and 39.5% of EU births happen out of wedlock. But keep reading, Miley Cyrus's licking will come up later.


"Conservatives are unrealistic if they think people will stop having sex. It's impossible." To these defeatists I say, "Let me reassure you: I am not trying to stop people having from having sex. But out-of-wedlock childbirth is a problem we must tackle." They agree.
For the "it is impossible" crowd, I note that this problem almost doesn't exist in Korea and Japan; a mild racist reply usually follows. But, a culturist public values campaign in Victorian England dropped the out-of-wedlock rate from 7% to 3%. Yes, it was 3%! White people have managed reproduction responsibly.


"Western civilization holds the mind in higher esteem than the body," is a phrase to popularize. Plato gave us platonic love. He did not think sex a sin, but a sad use of our human potential. Jesus taught that lust overpowering the soul was a sin.
Television undermined western virtues. To get advertisers, it promotes fun without consequences. Thus it promotes irresponsible sex, without showing that the resultant out-of-wedlock birth leads to povertycrime, academic failure, and emotional problems.



We need to censor television again, not to mention Internet porn (as Asian nations do). Strip clubs have exploded across America. Zoning laws need to, again, push this flesh-peddling out to the margins of society.
Don't worry sex addicts, you'll be able to get your pound of flesh on cable and illegally on the web. You'll be free to drive to the town's outskirts to spasm; but needing to drive will teach you that you're doing something of which society does not approve.
Rich people make television. Rich people absorb the damage of out-of-wedlock birth better than those in the inner-city, where it is devastating communities. During the Victorian era, the wealthy specifically thought of the impact of their actions on the morals of the poor. We do live in the same society.


America heavily subsidies out-of-wedlock birth when it gives financial support to unwed mothers – in fact, under our welfare laws, women lose benefits if they get married. If we cut benefits off, women with children will be on the streets – some will need to give their children to orphanages.
In America, if a teenager gets pregnant she cannot be penalized. She is given extra accommodations (such as alternative assignments) and extra time to graduate. In Korea such girls are expelled from school immediately. We need to expel pregnant teens.
In order to reinstitute morals, natural consequences need to be felt. If we end subsidies to out-of-wedlock parents and expel pregnant teens from public school, we will see a rise of homeless women with children. After the very real consequences of irresponsible parenting become public, the rate will plummet.
As a corollary, the Victorian era also saw an explosion in charitable organizations. Unfortunately, these got taken over by government programs, which sapped our sense of community responsibility and hid the consequences of such irresponsible behavior. We must not repeat this mistake.
In the modern, bureaucratic, post-Judeo-Christian, multicultural, commercial era, we have moved to the idea that government is to be neutral in regards to values. We need once again to think of ourselves as a western, Judeo-Christian civilization that needs to be sustainable, and so neither promotes nor subsidizes vice.



So, what about sex prior to marriage? Yes, worried modern, Christians would call that a sin. But let's not worry about them right now because they already have a solution that works. What of us more secular culturists?
Premarital is okay. But, if you make a baby, you need to stay with the mother through adulthood. So, if you cannot agree to that, don't take the risk with her. When you have sex with a stranger – whose hotness will soon drain – know that you flirt with disaster.
And, I would ask you to be brave. I agree with the prescription James Twitchell put forward in his book For Shame: we must be willing to tell people their creating an out-of-wedlock child was bad and even shun them and lose them as friends.
What Miley Cyrus did – especially as an ex-Mousketeer – hurt us collectively. We need to be able to tell people why. Basically, as Aristotle said, our minds separate us from animals. We are elevated when we honor intellects; her animalistic depiction of us as licking machines, degrades us as it – materially – perpetuates out-of-wedlock birth.
Ultimately, yes, you can have sex when not married and still be a good culturist. But that stops with the first child. And you can disentangle yourself from the constant testosterone-elevating advertisements and ask yourself if you see no elevating nobility, if you can take no pride, in the West's traditional elevation of the mind over the body?


Culturism is the opposite of multiculturalism. As such, it says that the West has a particular, wonderful – yet fragile – culture to promote, defend, and guide. It takes pride in western civilization; as such it suggests we revere our past and protect our future.
Culturism also counterbalances individualism: when we tell a child, "If you don't study, it will hurt your future," it simply becomes their business whether or not they do so. Culturism frames virtues in the context of a duty to society. This is a more solid basis of virtues.
'Culturism' and 'culturist' are also good words in that they outline common ground between Christians and secular conservatives. Plato and Jesus, again, both esteemed the mind over the body. And, both understood the connection between immorality and social decay.
The West needs a moral counter-revolution. The words 'culturism' and 'culturist' can spread quickly, succinctly expressing a non-narcissistic point of view that considers our collective cultural welfare.  Use the words 'culturism' and 'culturist' daily!


In our sex-saturated era, we have traded virtues and values for mindless immediate gratification. Loving people for their minds, rather than their skin, shows a higher regard for their whole being; it elevates all of us.
The Victorian ethos was one of spiritual equality. Both the poor and the rich could take pride in being upright; mutual respect – when earned – resulted. When people live up to civic ideals, they feel pride. Communal pride and dignity are not to be underrated.
When out-of-wedlock birth goes down, poverty goes down, education goes up, and fewer people go to jail. (The Victorian ethos was one of material equality too.) An educated culture produces more inventions. Wealth leads to opportunities and increased hope for the future.
Families are a joy. Children love having fathers. Fathers feel tremendous pride in being caregivers and respected and loved.

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