Friday, March 28, 2014

Why Kobe Bryant is my Favorite NBA Player

I love Kobe Bryant because I love the Lakers.  But, whereas some Lakers have made that equation difficult to maintain, Kobe makes it easy.   He has consistently been a patriot, talking on and on about his pride in representing America in the olympics.  As such, I have written about my love for Kobe Bean Bryant before.

But now Kobe, this culturist MVP, has come out against the Miami Stinkers' knee-jerk, race-based support for Trayvon Martin.  Kobe was raised in Italy.  Kobe avoided liberal indoctrination.  Not only is Kobe a great basketball player and exemplar of the Protestant Work Ethic, he is as patriotic as anyone who reads this blog.
Read about Kobe and Trayvon  HERE and cheer!!



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