Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why My New Version of ‘Imagine’ Must Crush Lennon’s

I recently recorded a ‘right-wing’ culturist version of JohnLennon’s leftist-anthem, ‘Imagine.” In fact, I have long had a physical revulsion to the destructive platitudes in Lennon’s song.  But, with communists and Muslims attacking, the song is now more dangerous than ever.  My mock version may prove to be the antidote to his cultural virus.  But, if that doesn’t work, we may need to decapitate every zombie who is spreading Lennon’s version.  If we don’t dismantle Lennon’s hymn, it could destroy the West.

Lennon’s anthem asks Western people to imagine there’s ‘no religion’ and ‘no countries:’ A borderless heaven. When we’re being inundated and attacked by Islam at every turn; pretending Islam will just disappear when we all ‘imagine’ it, is suicidal. Rather than imagine there is no religion, we must be aware that one religion, Islam, is coming for your throat!   Lennon admits he’s a dreamer.  We need to wake up and stop sleep-walking towards the cliff that Lennon’s stupefying incantation is sending us towards.

Even the way the hippy prophet uses the word ‘religion’ is dangerous.  Not all ‘religions’ are the same.  He thinks imagining no Christianity is good.  Christianity is the best religion ever.  It teaches the value of the individual, it is the basis of western civilization. Lennon’s religion-equating, ‘brotherhood of man,’ formula is at the root of the multicultural blindness that justifies our letting ‘refugees’ into our nations. Imagine Christianity as the official religion of the West.  Why? Christianity is kind. Cultural diversity is real.  Evil Exists. It is called Islam.

Imagine no possessions?  When Lennon goes into this communist reverie I want to vomit. When I lived in New York, I used to sarcastically imagine all the people living in his exclusive, guarded building, ‘the Dakota.’ When Lennon uses ‘greed’ to explain hunger and inequality, he insinuates that the blame for poor nations’ maladies comes from nations who have possessions - the West.  This means we must let in ‘economic refugees’ because our ‘greed’ caused their poverty.  Bullocks.  Our western cultures produce.  Theirs sucks.  Cultural diversity is real. Their poverty is their fault. We owe them nothing. 

So, imagine a world wherein everyone sings my culturist version of Imagine. It would make the West strong and ready to defend itself.  But, if people persist in spreading Lennon’s commu-tard dream about a borderless, heavenly, homogenous nether-world where Islam leaves us alone and people from backwards cultures get “their fair share” of our civilization, we need to see them for what they are: stupefied, destructive, somnambulist, unthinking, virus-spreading zombies weakening our defenses.  Aim for their heads!
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