Saturday, November 28, 2015

Culturists! Here’s How We Fight the ‘Diversity is Strength’ Slogan!

“Diversity is our strength” is an Orwellian slogan. Just one week after the recent Paris terror attacks, Obama declared, “We can all do our part by upholding the values of tolerance and diversity and equality that help keep America strong.”[i] This slogan is frequently used to argue for accepting refugees.  There are several ways in which culturists can counter this dangerous assertion.

One way to respond to the diversity slogan is sheer outrage!  Are the victims of the Paris attack stronger because of diversity?! Do you really think Paris is stronger because of diversity!?  Terror attacks and the subsequent subway / infrastructure lockdowns make the complete idiocy of the idea that diversity brings strength.  And this justifies our screaming, “By saying diversity is our strength, you’re spitting in the face of terror’s victims!!”

Screaming! Why? Because the shock of being yelled at will create a Pavlovian effect.  If leftists know it might evoke an adrenaline-backed rebuke, they’ll hesitate.  And we need to do this as it is disgusting to say ‘diversity is our strength’ right after a terrorist attack. And, while they might go all ‘Boy George’ on you and start to cry, such disgusting remarks merit yelling.

And, we must yell because saying, “Diversity is our strength,” fundamentally undermines the West. Unlike multiculturalists, culturists say we have a traditional majority culture and a right to protect and promote it. The ‘diversity’ slogan says Muslims are just as western as Christians. It says Arabic speaking Syrians are western too. Our demographics, history and history of culturist immigration policy counter this multicultural lie.[ii]  This slogan endangers us by justifying opening our borders to everyone, including our historic enemies. 

We can calmly refute the diversity lie by attacking logically.  “Diversity in what measure? Is diversity in educational achievement good?  Are we stronger if some people are literate and some are illiterate?  Is diversity in levels of violence good? Do you want some girls to get pregnant as teens and others not? Wouldn’t be better off if we were united against crime and terror?  What measures do you want us to be diverse in?”

While multiculturalists may see these as facetious questions, they are not.  Multiculturalists think diversity only impacts happy things like food, fashion, and festivals. But Black culture celebrates thug-life. Mexicans do not mind teen pregnancy or dropping out of school as much as other groups. Islam supports violence aimed at imposing theocracy.  With statistics and examples, because we assert cultural diversity is real, culturist can always win arguments concerning diversity and strength.

We can also ask, “Why don’t other nations think diversity is strength?”  China is stronger because it is united; China fears division. Saudi Arabia doesn’t let Christians become citizens, because it prizes unity.  Are these nations stupid?  Might it not be true that unity is our strength? Why is the US called the ‘United States of America,’ and not the ‘Diverse States of America’? And, why, multiculturalists, do you only condemn the Western culturists as racist and not those in China or Saudi Arabia?  If it is alright for them to be culturist, why not us?”

Culturists need to start directly confronting this perverse slogan. Why? Diversity kills! It leads to civil unrest and decline.  This undermines rights.  In fact, unity is our strength. Assimilation and national pride lead to unity. Defining ourselves as antagonistic to Islamic values unifies us. We need to stand for something or we’ll fall for anything.  Diversity brings terrorism and fragmentation. Celebrating it is dangerous. Please attack all globalist / multiculturalists who solemnly repeat ‘diversity is our strength.’

[i] Press Conference by President Obama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov 22nd,
[ii] Press, John, Our U. S.  Culturist Immigration History
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