Friday, April 1, 2016

Be Culturist! Judge Cultures! Islam is Retarded!

Islam is retarded!  Retard means, ‘to slow down the development or progress of (something); to hinder advance or accomplishment.’[i]   It also indicates subnormal mental abilities. Islam is retarded in several ways.  It seeks to bring us back to the 7th century.  In the 21st century, if that isn’t retarded, I don’t know what is.

We need to be able to say such things – to judge cultures!  It is not racist; it is culturist.   I don’t oppose mosques in the West because dark skinned people meet there.  I oppose mosques because they are temples to retardation!  What self-respecting progressive nation would encourage building temples to retardation?

Multiculturalism promotes retardation by asserting that old world cultures such as African tribes and Hinduism are equal to western culture.  Voodoo dolls and the caste system?  No thanks.  The same goes for Black ghetto culture.  It’s retarded. I am western.  I am into the first world.  I am a progressive, I believe in the future.  I am not a multiculturalist.  I am a culturist.  I judge cultures.

Christianity is not retarded.  Protestantism’s emphasis individual conscience paved the way for scientific inquiry.   A glance at history shows that the West’s combination of Jerusalem and Athens created modernity.  Social studies conclusively link Protestant culture and good government.[ii]  Churches support the culture that made democracy and science possible.  Churches are temples to man’s individual and collective improvement.

As one cannot separate culture and biology, I will go one step further in establishing that Islam is retarded.  Both Athens and Jerusalem emphasize conscious frontal lobe activity; It is because our frontal lobes are so big that we have human abilities.  Islam’s ritual and appeal to anger trigger activity in the cerebellum and amygdala (centers of movement and fear).  As such, Islam seeks to focus on parts of the brain we share with reptiles.  That is beyond mongoloid Down Syndrome retarded!

On the theme of biology, having pride increases serotonin levels and posture. [iii]   Western culturism - by taking pride in our futurist western culture and denigrating backwards cultures - physically increases western fitness.  Multiculturalism and Islam work to lower our standing; to make us equal to and lower than other cultures.  We will never progress as long as we think we’re equal to or below retarded cultures.  When we stand tall we give a sense of direction to ourselves and to the world. 

So spread these culturist thoughts: I judge cultures.  The West is the best.  Our culture increases life spans. Our culture invented the internet and water heaters.  Islam has invented nothing of any use.  Islamic culture is not equal to ours. Stoning women is retarded.  Islam is retarded!

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