Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Citizenship and Culturism

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This long blog lays out basic culturist precepts the understanding of which is necessitated by the third night of rioting in France. It also addresses Atlas' related report of massive Muslim immigration to North America. Throughout the blog the theme is this: citizenship involves the love of the country it is exercised in. Diversity, despite multiculturalists' pronouncements to the contrary, includes people that are hostile to the Western project. Giving such people the legal status of citizens cheapens the meaning of citizenship and endangers Western civilization. When Western civilization goes rights go. We won't stop the destruction of France until we understand and implement culturist precepts. Please read the entire blog.

The youths rioting in France are not only rioting because they are Muslim. They are rioting because they have been fed the warmed over Marxism that equates Western civilization and oppression. In this vision the underclass need to be liberated and destruction is noble. The anthropology chapter in culturism shows, however, were Western civilization to fall the natural alternatives that would assert themselves are not progressive and egalitarian. The rioters' burning of libraries and destruction of property also give an indication of what a post-Western world would look like.

Many of the youths rioting are Muslims as well as disaffected by bad ideology. Either way, the question we must ask is "Are their sympathies with the success of France and Western civilization?" If their sypathies were, they would not be rioting out of hatred for France and oppressive Western civilization. As culturism tries to explain, citizenship is not just about paperwork. If you root against the Lakers basketball team, you are not a lakers fan. If you root against America, you are not an American. We desparately need to reconnect citizenship with its proper meaning.

The relocation of Somali villages into heartland America and Canada is done on the basis of international rights. Culturist philosophy dispels the existence of international rights. Rights only exist in cultures that believe in them and can afford them. Without America there are no American rights. When we bring in people who are likely traumatized by war, illiterate, extremely different in assumptions about life and anti-American it does not strengthen America. China and Muslim nations do not let random traumatized refugees in. We are the only ones who believe in the concept of international rights and it undermines our sovereignty, solvency and sense of the importance of citizenship.

Cultures are diverse and they have rights. We have a right to ask if those wanting to immigrate are pro-American and willing to show it in cultural assimilation and positive behavior. We do not violate their human rights by having sovereignty. Not allowing immigration does not violate your rights as an American unless you are one. Only people who love America and are willing to show this by living and working in ways that uphold and perpetuate our valuable traditions should be allowed to immigrate or be named citizens.

Until the rioting and terrorism stops the United States and France must stop immigration from all countries whose culture predisposes their emmigrants to rioting. All others must be put on a tight leash. Being a French citizenship is an honor and a responsibility. If you dishonor France and seek to destroy it there should be no hesitation over repatriation. You cannot have your rights as a French person violated unless you are one. This does not mean you cannot criticize France; that would run counter to Western traditions. But, being French means working in positive ways to improve France. Cultural diversity and the fragility of Western civilization necessitate culturist immigration policies.

While France is showing it respects itself by protecting itself, people must be taught that France is a good project. People must know that France's history, ideals and future are positive for all French citizens. Such culturist affirmations explanations should go along with expelling non-citizens and long term jailings of those involved in rioting to destroy France. France cannot take citizenship or people trying to destroy it lightly if it wants to be respected or survive.

If Western nations go under rights and progress will cease to exist. Believing in universal human rights instead of culturist rights makes us complacent and undermines our sovereignty and solvency. Only by changing cultural precepts and understanding of what it means to be a citizen can France and other Western nations be secured. We must adopt culturist principles to secure Western nations. If we do not define, protect and promote Western civilization the rioting may never stop. This is the culturist creed. Please call yourself a culturist. Our civilization's survival depends on Western nations remembering the culturist truths inherent in the word.
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