Sunday, December 2, 2007

Muslim Assets Purchases

This post is in response to a report of Dubai buying American assets. It can help illuminate some of the uses of a culturist perspective.

We have to be able to use culturist common sense concerning foreign purchases of our assets. Cultures are important. They affect action. In our salutary concern about being racist we have dedicated ourselves to being blind to culture. This is dangerous.

If Muslim countries or citizens of those countries want to buy shoe stores we should have no problem with that. If they want to invest in our real estate market we should have no problem with that either. Neither of these involve national security risks. But we should NOT allow Muslims to have anything to do with the airline industry or our ports. Muslims should not be allowed to work at nuclear facilities. They should not be border agents. This is not racist, it is culturist. Racism is evil, culturism is necessary.

If Muslim countries or people from them want to invest in America we should not have a problem with it. But building mosques is not an investment. Just as Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations forbid building churches, we have a right to forbid foregin funding of building mosques. If local people want to build one it should be allowed. Forbidding citizens to practice the religion of their choice would run counter to our traditions. But the foreign funding of mosques in our nation is not an investment, it is an act of cultural aggression. We are not a neutral place. We have a core culture to protect. Just like Saudi Arabia, we have a right to protect our culture.

This is not racism. It is culturism. We have wisely decided to try to eradicate racism in our country. But this effort, combined with our idea that rights are without context and universal, has led us to not be willing to discriminate on the basis of national origin, religion or political affiliation. We are committed to being blind to a host of very important variables based on the idea that culture is not important. All people do not believe in Western ideals of democracy and rights, hard work and respect for women. Because cultural diversity is real, culturism is necessary.

There are areas where the cultural background of the investor is not important. But where national security is at stake we must be permitted to employ culturist common sense.
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