Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Culturist Thought of the Day - A Culturist Strategy Exemplified

Monday was the 104th anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first powered airplane flight. About 1,000 people gathered to celebrate at their museum. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a culturist 11. Communities should celebrate their local heroes.

Kitty Hawk, N.C.'s museum and monument have brought them tourists. It has economic benefits. This museum surely employes some local people and fills hotels. This museum teaches children about industry and creation. It teaches them what great looks like. It provides a model to compete with that of musicians. This museum and monument also creates social capital; that is it connects people to others. Those involved in the celebration will have a memory in common and be more likely to trust eachother. Robert Putnam teaches us that this has health benefits, law and order benefits, economic benefits and more. Lastly, it is a teacher and source of social capital for all those in the Kitty Hawk and greater North Carolina area. The event is on their quarter. Certainly it must give them a great, deserved, sense of pride.

Culturism advocates that local communities find someone to celebrate and do so. Incorportate them into your existing parades. Build a statue; the statue should have a sign that fully explains what great achievements they did that are meritorious. Murals are great. Museums too! These activities give local artists, youths and citizens a sense of civic pride.

In conjunction with these local activities, the Federal government should create a "Statue of Responsibility." This statue would balance out the Statue of Liberty. This would teach all Americans an important civics lesson; liberty requires responsibility. This statue should be on the West coast, to bookend the other statue. There should be a design contest. The construction should be Federal is because of the cost involved in creating such a grand statue. This will bring great tourist dollars to a local economy. It will also teach a valuable culturist lesson to our nation and sense of cohesion for Americans.
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