Sunday, December 9, 2007

Culturism and Education

Culturism holds that majority cultures have a right to define, protect, and promote themselves. Multiculturalism says we have no core culture. If you look at international diversity, that is absurd. If you study history, that is absurd. The Western nations developed from Greece, to Rome, to Jesus, through the Dark Ages, the Englightenment and the Age of Revolutions, to now. We have a progressive coherent story in which the individual comes to the fore. Education in all nations socializes you into the culture into which you will live. We need to provide guidance to our young people. Multiculturalism does not provide guidance. Culturism gives us permission to do so.

Individualism, in excess, can also hurt education. When we have no core cultural mission all becomes about the individual. If you do not do your homework, it is only your own future and business. This does not enoble or inspire. Individualism means that everyone who does not get their individual needs met can sue the school system. Culturism holds that protecting majority culrue is a legitimate policy concern. Protecting the flexibility and solvency of schools is too.

Culturism also helps people distinguish race issues and cultural issues. Does the achievement gap show that society is racist or that cultural diversity matters? Multiculturalists do not really take diversity seriously. They are right that race is not a factor. But refuse to think cultural diversity seriously enough to consider that it might impact something as important as educational achievement. Culturism can make those who intimidate with abuse of the word racism, think twice.

In society culturism can also help us balance out the corrive affects the words multiculturalism, individualism, and racism have on discussions.
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