Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Culturist Post of the Day - Affirmative Action

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This is the first culturist post of the day. Notice how cleverly I avoid saying it is a daily post! : ) If you have a question that you'd like addressed in a culturist post of the day, find my contact info via www.culturism.us and send it. Yesterday, Mr. Pope, (who I met via diggersrealm.com)brought up affirmative action. Mr. Pope, you get the dubious honor of having inspired the first ever culturist post of the day! Thanks.

Culturism does not have anything against Federal Legislation aimed at fairness or perceptions of fairness. For example, in 1972 the Federal government passed Title Nine. This Act gave females equal access in sports. Years down the line, females playing sports does not seem unwomanly to us. It is a healthy and accepted part of being a girl. Male sports do not seem to be hurting. This was a great piece of legislation.

Affirmative Action is, however, problematic. It is based on the idea that society is racist or has been. It may have even been helpful at one point. But we are much better off, at this point, promoting a culturist message. That is to say, if an achievement gap exists cultural attributes of the group lagging likely account for it. Taking a culturist perspective offers more hope for closing the achievement gap than Affirmative Action does.

I have taught in inner-city schools. The outrageous behavior that transpires in some of them shames us all. Doing schoolwork is acting white and being tough precludes study anyways. We are at fault in that we have let the sort of chip-on-the-shoulder, tough guy mentality go unchallenged. We need to fight that sort of reasoning if we are going to see schools that are not war zones. Discipline and culturist messages are needed. These youth must be taught proper behavior. More importantly, they must be told that they should comply and not defy becaue they are investing in their own potential and that of the civilization they and their anscestors have helped to build.

Affirmative Action reinforces the understanding that society is racist. Since racism only explains a very small portion of the achievement gap, this focus cannot help much. Focusing on race is futile and also dangerous. Their is a lot more to be gained by modifying cultural attitudes than blaming others. Scholarships going to people, based on need and merit, is not a problem. But, equal schools require equal attitudes towards schools. Affirmative Action does tremendous damage because it diminishes subcultures' willingness to investigate their own culturist practices.
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