Saturday, December 29, 2007

Culturist Thought of the Day - Hispanic Family Values

Multiculturalists tell us to "celebrate diversity." Culturism, the book, shows that cultures can include headhunting and psychedelic drug use as normal. Culturism says that this is okay, in the countries in which this is the majority culture. But it is no NO WAY okay here. Multiculturalists would have to accept these behaviors domestically or qualify their celbratory stance. That would make them culturists. Instead they just chant slogans and ignore the breadth of diversity.

Culturism's taking diversity seriously, understanding the breadth of behaviors that can be norms, accepts that culture can have tremendously important impacts. If you do not see cultures as fundamentally different - as multiculturalists - you see all differences of economic and educational attainment as the result of racism. The Heather MacDonald article you can access by clicking the title of this blog provides statistics that should make multiculturalists and those who attribute achievement gaps to the racist nature of America think twice.

MacDonald relays that out-of-wedlock births per unmarried hispanics happen at the rate of 92 per 1000. That compares with 28 per white women and 22 for Americans of Asian descent. This alone can account for poor educational and environmental attainment of Hispanics. Ditto for blacks who have 68 per 1000. The teen birth rate is 93 per 1000 (nearly one in ten) for Americans of Mexican descent and 27 per 1000 for whites. These stats account for poverty. When one considers that it is a competitive world, we must compare it to Japan's teen pregnancy rate of 3.9 per 1000 and be worried about anyone in America, no matter their background, competing.

The culturist bottom line is that cultural norms are flexible. The real problem behind the Hispanic family breakdown is that it is considered normal. Having a baby as a teen without a father is a point of pride for all involved. If multiculturalists want to celebrate teen preganancy out of wedlock and low educational expectations in our country they are nihilists. Culturists hold that such behavior may be fine in Mexico. But preserving our way of life requires we education and write laws to show that our culture says no to such cultural norms domestically.
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