Friday, December 28, 2007

Remember the Alamo

Voice of The People announced a July 4th, 2008 rally to be held at the Alamo this week. More information can be found by clicking the title of this blog. The reason for having a rally about Rembering the Alamo is to reaffirm our sovereignty. It is a good idea because it reminds us of the importance of demographics. Texas fought for independence because the culture was Anglo, not Mexican. Being ruled by the Mexican government under such circumstances did not make sense. Demographics are very important. We must remember this lesson of history and so remember the Alamo.

To have the full effect we seek to have by remembering the Alamo, we must also remember the Gadsden Purchase. Many people of Mexican descent in our land think the South West was subsequently "stolen" by the U.S. in the Mexican American War. Such a sentiment is not likely to lead to loyalty on their behalf or American stability. To counter act this we must remember that Santa Anna, who was defeated in the Texan War for independence, sold us what is now Southern Arizona and New Mexico for $10 million.

The Gadsden Purchase is the best proof we have that the land was not "stolen." First of all, the Southern portion of these states were out and out sold. It was a legal transaction five years after the end of hostilities. No pressure was applied. Secondly, to say that you stole my land, but afterwards I sold you the rest does not make any sense. It is as if to tell police, "He stole my computer, but later I sold him the mouse and keyboard." Even if the land won in the Mexican American war was "stolen" (and it was not) the Gadsden Purchase land, the Southern portion of the southwest states, was undeniably sold. It is ours fair and square; no historical controversy.
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