Friday, May 30, 2008

Culturst School Lessons

Yesterday the U.K. University and College Union’s Congress (UCUC)voted to discriminate against Israeli academics. We should discriminate, but our culturist discrimination should be FOR OUR SIDE! Accepting that both sides of the Israel / Palestinian conflict think they sit on the side of right, we first must acknowledge that a conflict exists. Then we should notice Muslim nations support Palestinians and Israel is Western aligned. Finally the U.K. should notice that it is a Western nation. After this analysis, the UCUC should vow to take the appropriate side in this conflict. These basic culturist steps should be taken throughout Western schools.

The multicultural agenda is not neutral. It denigrates the West just by asserting that we have no core culture to promulgate in Western lands. The UCUC’s referendum took it as axiomatic that no one is neutral. Even in scholarship that tries to be rigorous, people take sides on important issues. Geopolitically, there are no neutral observers. Our pretending to be neutral in the Middle East, while the other side is one hundred percent pro- Palestine, puts us at a disadvantage. All nation’s schools teach the glories of their nation and try to inculcate devotion to the values the majority culture holds dear. U.K. universities advocating for the Muslim side is abnormal and dangerous.

The West values freedom of speech. In universities that means, if they take no money from the government, they should be able to be biased. Being educated means absorbing a point of view based on a body of knowledge. If a university wants to announce that it is multicultural and does not want to teach any particular values are preferable to any other, they are only going to “celebrate diversity,” I would not waste money there. If a private university wants to be pro-Palestinian and teach social justice for 3rd world grievances, they have that right, but I would stay away. It might be popular to start universities, like Hillsdale College, who are openly pro-Western civilization. Western governments should encourage this trend and, at very least, recognize the rights of private universities on Western soil to take a pro-Western stance.

Public universities work for us. We, again, do not want to stifle debate. But public universities get paid for by Western citizens via Western governments. Academics who work for public universities do not work for third world or Islamic states. To understand this point we must understand the culturist view. The West has a very long and rich tradition which goes back to Athens and Jerusalem. We have many heroes. Democracies are fragile and new. Universities, again, in all nations teach the heritage of their people to their future leaders. It is the function of Western universities to help to perpetuate our fragile vision of Western values and democracies. Turning our institutions against us in the name of multiculturalism or a “neutral” and “international” vision of “social justice” endangers us. If our universities educate Western people to resent our nation, where will their understanding and appreciation come from? Public universities should fulfill their normal public function and teach to sustain our civilization’s majority culture and its values.

In Western university curriculum, of course, as we are not a top-down theocratic state, controversial views will be aired. Teaching about George Washington’s glories does not mean you do not investigate his failings. The Vietnam War, undertaken with noble intentions, remains controversial. America’s racism did not end with the 640,000 killed in the Civil War and the Reconstruction efforts that followed. Each of these examples can be used to frame questions that lead you to critical thought and make you a better citizen. Having an educated populace that can critically appraise issues is vital. No sane Western culturist would advocate a curriculum of propaganda. But too often our schools do dish up one sided propaganda. The U.K. vote recognizes only one side as right. It shows overwhelming sympathy with the non-Western side. It does not ask, as all critical appraisals of our past should, “What lessons can we take away that will help the West?” At the end of the day, after our critical look, we must affirm that we want democracy and rights, not Islam and theocracy, to prevail in Western nations.

Public k – 12 schools should be the place where teaching about Western heritage and values should be the least problematic. The young are impressionable. Public schools, in all nations, exist to socialize the young into the majority culture. Multiculturalism is destructive of these ends. It says we have no special values to which to adhere. It undermines our sense of duty and ethics when it asserts that no progress has ever happened. It, in fact, lies when it does not teach about the horrors of honor killings, theocracy and mass human sacrifice in other nations and their history. Our young people need to know that our democracy and rights culminated from a long struggle against the usual state of barbarism. They need to know that the dark ages happened, we are in competition, and none of our freedoms can be taken for granted.

In the U.K. I hope that leftists multicultural academics wake up to the fact that all that they cherish, from women’s rights to gay rights, will be washed away if Islamic terrorism destabilizes us. I hope that more universities join Hillsdale College in overtly defining themselves places that teach about Western civilization. I hope that our government drops its stance of neutrality concerning the employment of anti-Western professors. And I urge all of us to stop the multicultural madness that has manifested in Islamic themed public schools in Brooklyn and Minnesota. Our schools need to join other nations’ school in discriminating for the majority culture and traditions. We need to adopt culturist public school policies now.

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