Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nice to Meet Nice People

Some times you meet really nice people. This weekend I spent time with spectacular people. The couple who hosted work as academics at various universities. They, an international couple, she British and he American, live on a wide and manicured farm. And there this couple entertains so hospitably. The farm nor the rustic atmosphere made the evening memorable. The food neither, though it had all the incomparable attributes you associate with home cooked carefulness. These senior hosts made everything; while others, the setting and fare added greatly.

We discussed the friendliness of Muslims to England in the 19th century. And Al, the father of the house, who boxed as a youth, needed a book for statistics of Indian demographics from the correct years. I never doubted that he knew exactly where the book with that information sat. And mother’s questioning, direct and personal questioning. Prim and yet invasive relentlessly, the first night she interrogated author Glenn about his religion book especially and, later, my work, books her husband and even she had written and a book their son, and my friend, Adam plans to write: International high grade of people. Lots of wine. Fun.

I play music with their son Adam. He makes films and presently occupies himself by getting ready to move to Brazil. He actually, believe it or not, has an operation on his thyroid on Monday WISH HIM LUCK!! And for his mother’s Mother’s day weekend we played lots of music above the barn. Me, Richard, Adam, Tim, Justin, Jeff and Glenn took turns before the day and night played out. But one moment that outshone them all was the arrival in the music space of Adam’s parents. They both danced and even sang a little bit.

At that very moment their grandchildren also played music in the room over the barn. Two on drums and little Ester singing “eight days a week” over and over. A little ham! And their parents who brought them were also just nice folks And it is a real joy to hang around with family such as that because they make one believe. They make one believe in what niceness our cultures can produce and appreciate women to whom to say, Happy Mother’s Day!! It’s refreshing to meet such nice people.
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