Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Muslims and Culturist Nuance

The culturist policy towards Islam dictates that we stop Muslim immigration and do not recognize Muslim holidays. Culturist thinking also argues that we should not needlessly antagonize Muslim Americans or violate their Constitutional rights. These culturist policy suggestions provide the best methods by which to foster the unity culturism seeks and safeguard America.

In some European cities Muslims have become such a large block of the population they can make demands, disrupt affairs and get a taste of victory when propagandized towards this end. That sends the testosterone level up in males. They feel they could supplant the current top dogs and become a ruling class. We should not allow such large pockets of foreign, un-assimilated populations of any stripe to develop.

No nation is required to admit any persons to whom it objects. Not allowing more Muslims to enter the US would not violate our Constitution. US Constitutional rights only apply to Americans. We have no global or mystical 'human rights' obligation to continue on an immigration pattern. We need to be especially harsh on this account because Islam is, at its core, hostile to Western values. A growing Islamic community is more likely to produce threats to our safety and society. We need not take that risk.

That said, Culturism is dedicated to uniting America and, ultimately, the Western world. And it is also pragmatic. Over a million Muslims live among us legally. We cannot make them leave without savaging our Constitution. Mass deportation would undermine, not protect, the Constitution and our Western heritage. We should profile those who have gone to radical mosques. But unity can best be fostered, in all who are not haters of America, by making love for America our goal. Fairness and kindness are our best weapons in this endeavor.

For unity's sake, we must not needlessly antagonize otherwise possibly good citizens. But being friendly does not mean giving legal sanction to other culture's holidays in our schools or society. Drawing this legal line will define our core culture by pointing to our traditions. When we legally affirm that we are just as Islamic or Buddhist or Malay a nation as we are Christian, Jewish or Enlightenment-based, it undermines the Western identity upon which we must guide ourselves. Honor killings, child brides and polygamy won't be far behind.

An Islamic presence will always present a danger. After a few generations of moderation a radical son may be born. The whole ideology of Islam makes this a real and fearful possibility. To reduce this risk we must not increase the Islamic population. We must stop the funding of Mosques by foreign governments. If people preaching radical Islam, our government must watch them. Loyal Muslims will understand. We must also be aware, however, that violating the rights or liberties of legal Muslims will only create antagonism and push people towards Jihad. And that would undermine our culturist goal of unity.
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