Sunday, March 1, 2009

Culturist NYC Tea Party Protest


Empedocles said...

Did the guy holding up the "Ayn Rand Was Right" sign, and the woman claiming that we should respect our Judeo/Christian values get into a fight right after this video was taken? lol

Culturist John said...

Good question!!!! Yeah, I (probably like you), have my problems with Rand.

Did I tell you this before? I believe she missed her cultural context because she lived when two western nations were battling it out for world supremacy. The question was "individualism" versus "collectivism." Being a smart cookie, I'd think if she were alive today, she'd recognize that our individualism takes place within a cultural context.

That said, she had a sharp mind and point of view. She clarifies our thinking on economic matters. And her philosophical work is challenging. But, the modernist architectural project has been - in my humble opinion - a bust. The cold glass look does not inspire me.

Great observation!! Thanks, John

Z said...

Fantastic video, John...I unashamedly snagged it for geeeZ and credited you (thanks!)

It made my day to hear these Americans FINALLY unafraid to speak OUT as Conservatives who care about America!

SO GLAD I came by today...all the

Culturist John said...


So glad you enjoyed the video. It was refreshing to be with so many people who I do not see at other rallies who had some similar sentiments to ours. It was a big, fun and energetic crowd. It was especially great knowing that it was organized in only two days!

Thanks for your activism! John

Pinky said...

It does this little ole conservative heart good to see rallies like this. Here in TX, we haven't been challenged much. I think that may change soon.

Congrats on a successful rally and a great group of folks. (SO nice to see a rally with no profanity, no flag burning, and no threats of violence!!)

Z said...

EVERYONE should carry this video on their blogs! I got thirty more to see it and almost every one of them loved it... it's just so inspiring to hear people SPEAK OUT with your point of view.

Thank God they're not Rush Limbaugh and won't get the cutting remarks: Did you hear Larry King tonight? "Hey, Bob Woodward..what did you think of Rush's speech?". .Woodward smiles.
"Ya....Bob....all you can really DO is LAUGH!"

@&#@*()&#@$(*&#$()&# If you could have heard me!! My husband was stunned at my mouth!! HOW DARE THEY BE SO BELITTLING AND SNIDE? OH, it just TICKED ME OFF SOO BIG TIME>

They're not going to be happy when EVERYONE but COMMUNISTS wake up (savings gone, economy worse, etc.) and start following Rush.
I don't..rarely watch him, but his speech was OUT OF THE PARK. Did you see it?

Culturist John said...


No, I didn't see Rush's speech. It was at CPAC right? I saw the Spencer / Wilders speech. That was good stuff!! I'll watch the Rush speech. Thanks for the tip.

Would it not be cool if Rush could get his listeners out into the streets? Imagine this video in every city times 20 or 200!! Simultaneously. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more!!

Thanks for spreading the Tea Party message on your blog! - John

Ducky's here said...

Move to Boston, Pinky. We'll show you some rallies that will curl your hair.

Pinky said...

No thanks, Ducky. Hysteria without substance doesn't impress me.