Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Culturist Battle at the 9-11 Cordoba House Mosque Debate

On May 25th, 2010 we battled with the Lower Manhattan, Community Board 1 meeting over the building of a Mega - Mosque at Ground Zero ! What our speakers and the commission failed to recognize is that Islam is not just another benign multicultural reason to celebrate diversity. This mosque is a flag of conquest. It is an insult added to injury. It will stir pride in Jihadis all over the world.


Lexcen said...

I just want to add my two cents worth here. The power of symbolism and the Mosque situated near ground zero must be considered. Symbolism is an important and powerful force that shouldn't be overlooked. Second, the selective blindness to matters concerning "freedom of religion" is a weakness that the Muslims are exploiting. The public needs to be educated in understanding that Islam is a political system as much as it is a religion. Third, there is an inherent weakness in the democratic system. This is the notion of "the will of the people". If the so called people are Muslim, and these people become a significant number of the population whose will must be considered, then their demands to implement Islamic values (such as Sharia Law) must be accommodated by the democratic system. By its very nature, the democratic system can be manipulated to strangle itself. In effect, the western values and democracy don't have to be destroyed by force or invasion or terrorism. That is the threat of Islam.

Culturist John said...


Thanks again. I think you are, of course, right about the exploitation of our democratic mores. And the question is how to fight it without corrupting our souls.

We have in America, The Patriot Act. It was passed by Bush in the wake of 9 - 11. It increases the surveillance ability of the government. On the subway here in NYC announcements say your bags are subject to random search. Both of these attack our freedoms.

But both of them are also %100 necessitated by the Muslim presence. So they have, with these acts, already taken away some of our freedoms and corrupted the free nature of our society.

So how do we keep Sharia out and our freedoms? Number one, recognize what you said and BAN ISLAMIC IMMIGRATION now. Number two, I wish I were a lawyer so I could give you more details. But, again, you are right about the tension and the need to look at it.

Thanks again, John

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Oooops. Underneath the video it was written "What our speakers and the commission failed to recog" and then I didn't see any more of the sentence.

Lexcen makes my point of symbolism. An ancient conquering army -- in this case, Islam (and the ARE and DO consider themselves an army) -- comes back to the point of supremacy in battle in order to claim its victory symbolically and physically.

I realized and used to say, even in my late teens and early 20's (oddly enough, simply via a public school education) that "our greatest strengths are our greatest weakness."

And CJ, we don't need to "corrupt our souls." All we have to do is STAND UP and make JUDGMENTS about what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

Placing a mosque here is, at its best, simply WRONG. It denigrates those deaths!