Saturday, September 11, 2010

NYC Candidates' Forum - Culturist Perspective

Brooklyn Tea Party leader Culturist John Narrates this NYC Candidates' Forum.


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Anonymous said...

If you're pro-free market, what do you care what someone does on his own private property? And why do you want to place any restrictions on who can buy property? Sounds kind of...socialist.

Lefty said...

I would like to take the time not to denounce the idea of Culturism but to consider whether it applies in all the ways that you seem to believe. I do relate to the concept, yes there are differences between cultures, yes western culture is distinct in many ways. I do think that the US constitution is a progressive document that guarantees many important freedoms that are not available throughout the world. And that's the rub because by restricting the building of a Mosque you seem to be attacking (IMHO) the most important part of our culture and constitution - freedom of religion - how can you say that it applies to Churches and Synagogues but not Mosques?
Furthermore, I question whether our real enemy is the religion of Islam. Religions live in cultures - the Islamic religion grew up in Arab Culture, that is what we see, especially in the extremists. You seem to imply that all Muslims are bent on establishing Sharia law in this country, I don't buy it. They are talking about having a place to worship, if they were talking about changing the constitution, or making people wear head scarves, that would be different.
I guess that I would question whether the 9/11 attacks were about trying to establish sharia law, or take over the US. They were about revenge, which I suggest is one commonality between our culture and Arab culture, revenge against what the perpetrators believed to be US intervention and unilateralism. I am NOT justifying the attacks. OK? Anyway if the 9/11 attack was about making the US safe for Islam it failed. Miserably.
I am not going to say that our culture is not in jeopardy. But not from the Middle East. How much of the US debt does the Middle East own? What is our trade deficit with Iraq, Iran, etc.? You talk about preventing immigration to keep jobs in US hands but how about talking about how greedy US corporations have exported so many jobs to China. Our economic model is unsustainable, a strong Culturist movement in this country could be used to encourage consumers to spend a bit more on US goods, or even Mexican products, because we have a great deal to lose if Mexico implodes. Let's get off the idea of whether we have the right to put up a fence, and consider whether or not it is a good idea.

Culturist John said...

Anonymous and Lefty,

I am sorry that I haven't been monitoring the comments on my own site!! I mostly, honestly, get comments elsewhere.


I am glad you like the site. Welcome aboard! Thanks for reading and commenting.

I was actually on evil conservative radio once before. Google evil conservative and culturism to hear the interview.


You wrote a mountain. Thank you. It is too much for me to address all of now. But, I believe that to protect the freedom of religion, free speech, individual rights, democracy, etc. we need to maintain the cultural underpinnings it requires. Islam is inherently hostile to these values.

We are at war with Islam. . They have attacked us for 1400 years. Our enemy, foreign nations, do not have a right to build mosques all over our nation. The Constitution stops at the border. We have no rights there, they have none here.

Persians haven't exactly been peaceful with the Koran either, so I don't buy your Arab culture argument.

As for corporations, we agree about the disloyalty of corporations who outsource. I am a culturist, not a globalist. i see sides and want fidelity to our side because it is home and upholds our values. I simply don't have time to get to the rest. But thank you for writing.

Thanks for writing! John

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