Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why is Culturist John Such a Jerk??

          Pamela Geller asked that people bring flags rather than political signs to her 9 - 11 protest against the Ground Zero mosque.  In fact, she originally said she'd confiscate anything other than flags.  Furthermore, she said terrible things about the August 22nd Anti-Mosque rally at Ground Zero.  And, I want to bring a sign that says, "Stopping Sharia in America is Culturist not Racist."  

       I respect Pamela.  She is a relentless anti-Jihadist and I have seen her at a million rallies.  But at none of those events were we in the audience told what to say.  I have a gut reaction against all who would stifle the voice of the public.  But respecting Pamela, I assume there must be some good served by not letting the people vent their spleen as they see fit.

       If I get it, Pamela argues that it is more sensitive to 9 - 11 families to bring flags.  I think crowds battling the enemy head-on with signs that say "No Sharia Here" will do more to lift 9 - 11 families' feelings than indulging in vague patriotic platitudes.  To me, identifying the enemy and saying "never again" respects the victims.  I know at least some 9 - 11 families feel the same way.

       So when Pamela's people ask me to put away my sign, should I?  Is there something I am missing?  Am I being a jerk?  I think this rally should represent the same defiance of Sharia than all the others.  Perhaps that defiance will come from the speakers.  Perhaps there is strategic point I am missing.  I plan on bringing my sign.  Should I?  Would my bringing a sign prove that I am a big jerk?

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