Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Culturist Reasons to Support LibertyGB's Commitment to Abolish "The Human Rights Act."

The following article will explain why I, as a culturist, agree with Liberty GB's third point in its "Ten Point Plan to Save Britain." Please know that Liberty GB's publishing this article on their website does not imply any official support of my culturist reasons for supporting their plan.

The plank reads:

3. Abolish the Human Rights Act, which benefits only foreign criminals/ terrorists.

The Human Rights Act (1998) applies the European Convention on Human Rights to UK courts. And it has resulted in horrors. Famously, it allowed Afghani plane hijackers to stay and work in Britain. But it isn't only the Human Rights Act that bothers culturists, it is the whole "human rights" regime.

Rights have a metaphysical ring that offends culturists. Rights come from societies that (i) believe in them and (ii) can afford them. China can afford rights, but they do not believe in them. African nations may believe in a right to education, but cannot pay for them. In other words, rights are a cultural idea, but their existence requires a solvent nation.

The phrase "human rights" should be replaced with the phrase "Western rights." Neither the Islamic world nor China believes in said rights. Only we do. If the West falls, will China fund human rights? Will Iran fight for them? If we want to safeguard "human rights," we need to protect the West. The phrase "human rights" dulls us to the unique nature of the West while it erodes our sovereignty. But dangerous policy, not just philosophy, follows this idea.

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