Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The British Government Dissolves Itself

(Reprint from LibertyGB)

There is no British government.  It has dissolved itself.  It no longer exists. 
Britain has a multicultural government.  A Multiculturalist “British” government is an oxymoron.  The government in the land called “Britain” is not, nor does it purport to be, British.  At best the government of the land of Britain sees itself as a neutral overseer of many cultures, of which the British culture just happens to be one.  As a multiculturalist government, the “British” government doesn’t favor the British culture in the land it controls, any more than it favors Islamic, Hindu or Sikh culture.  As a multicultural government, it is culturally neutral, not British.

In fact, the situation is worse.  Being multicultural means the “British” government actively works to promote – dare I say it – “non-British” cultures in the land they govern.  To counter what it calls the “racist,” “bigotry” of culturists, the government funds festivals and film festivals for non-British cultural groups.  It must constantly tell the British people how wonderful Islam is and prosecutes those who would say otherwise.  It this way it can remind the population it rules, that nothing is truly British.  Rather than passive, the multiculturalist “British” government actively counters those who would claim Britain is British.

In fact, the situation is worse.  The “British” government promotes diversity.  The “multi” in multiculturalism means more than two.  Thus a multiculturalist must work to reduce the traditional majority culture’s representation to, at most, 1/3rd of the population. In its dedication to cultural “diversity,” the “British” government actively seeks to reduce the demographic domination of the “British” people (their quotes not mine) by actively importing non-British peoples. Thus the British can reach its main objective, that of increasing diversity.

A real British government would be culturist.  It would actively protect and promote British culture rather than deny its existence, legitimacy, and primacy.  A British government would not say that Britain is just as Islamic a nation as it is Christian. A British government would not punish culturists for saying Britain should be culturally British. A British government would promote British culture via public events and curriculum. A British government would not work to foster cultural diversity by importing millions of “non-British” peoples.

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