Sunday, May 11, 2014

To Whom Does the "our" in #BringBackOurGirls Refer?

This week America's First Lady, Michelle Obama, joined the ever growing #Bring Back Our Girls campaign that aims to rescue kidnapped Nigerian girls. The culturist instinct is to say 'NO!' to intervention in any part of the world that isn't western. But, this is somewhat dependent on to whom the 'our' in #Bring Back Our Girls refers.

The girls being kidnapped are largely Christian. Their abductors are Muslims. If the pronoun 'our' in #Bring Back Our Girls refers to saving 'our' Christian girls from Muslims, I might have some enthusiasm for this cause. If Mrs Obama wishes to go on a crusade saving Christians worldwide, I would have some sympathy – maybe even enthusiasm – for the project. But, since the West has eschewed any culturist Clash of Civilizationsconsciousness for decades, I doubt that is what the pronoun stands for. 

Rather, I would assume that the 'our' refers to the global 'our' of the "we are the world," "all people are on the same side" variety. The appeal is to a globalist 'our' vision wherein we are responsible for all people around the world with no reference to culture or opposition to us. This is the thinking that got us to create a Muslim stronghold in Kosovo, has us sending billions to Afghanistan and Iraq, and facilitates mass Muslim immigration into the West. 

We are not all the same. We are not all on the same side. We have our 'ours,' they have theirs. The little jihadis-in-training Palestinian boys are not 'our' boys. They are 'our' enemies. I don't want to give scholarships to deserving Saudi Arabian students. The Saudis support terrorism and the destruction of the West. I want to help our children, but not my enemy's children. This is basic culturist logic.

Even if the 'our' in #Bring Back Our Girls refers to the Nigerian girls as 'ours' because they are Christians, I am dubious about saving them. Nigeria is not a core western nation. If we want to save 'our' girls I suggest we start by pursuing and severely prosecuting Muslim 'grooming' gangs who target British girls for gang rape and prostitution. Britain is a core western nation. Rescuing grooming gang victims would keep our money in the West, and promote culturist thinking at home.John K. Press, Ph.D. Namseoul University
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